Alagappa Institute of Skill Development

The Alagappa Institute of Skill Development (AISD) is a pioneering initiative of the Government of Tamil Nadu and Alagappa University among the Universities and other Higher Educational Institutions of our Country to discharge its social responsibilities and Community developments. It was transmuted as a permanent Department in May, 2015 from the previously known, Skill Development Centre (SDC). This AISD is offering skill based vocational courses/programmes for youth to take to employment in industrial sectors and self-employment.

To adhere to the vision of our founder, the great philanthropist and educationist Padmabushan VallalDr.RM. Alagappa Chettiar, the University formed several Centres to uplift the social and knowledge wealth of the rural based younger generation. The Skill Development Centre is one among them. It was established in April, 2013 to implement the objectives of the following vision statements and policies,

  • Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu’s ‘Vision 2023’ Document
  • National Policy on Skill Development, 2009 (revised in 2015)
  • National Occupational Standards (NOS)
  • National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF)
  • National Vocational Educational Qualification Framework (NVEQF)
  • UGC’s Guidelines for Curricular Aspects, Assessment Criteria and Credit System in Skill Based Vocational Courses.
Milestones of the University in Skill Education

Since the establishment of Alagappa University, it has been involving in carrying out the Skill Development activities. In 2006, the University started to offer several short-term and certificate training programmes through ‘Garment Training Unit’ with the financial support of NIFT-TEA. Since 2007, in association with IL&FS-CDI, New Delhi, the University has been offering one month placement linked Training programme/course in ‘Industrial Sewing Machine Operation’.

During 2009-2010, skill training was conducted to the Traditional Weavers with NABARD funding. With the financial assistance of the Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI), Government of Tamil Nadu, the Centre has been conducting various ‘Entrepreneurship and Skill Training’ on Fashion Designing, Entrepreneurship Faculty Development programmes and Entrepreneurship Development for Entrepreneurs.

‘Entrepreneurship cum Skill Development Centre’ has been started in the University premises during 2011-2012.

Under the Skill Development Centre, Alagappa University-IL& FS Institute of Skills (AU-IIS), was established in October, 2013, as India’s first Skills Institute offering University recognized and NOS compliant placement linkedshort term High-end employable Technical training programmes and handhold support to start Income Generating Activities on various trades. The courses offered at AU-IIS are mapped to the NOS designed by the industry-led SSCs.

The UGC has sanctioned a grant of Rs. 1.85Cr to AIagappa Institute of Skill Development for starting the much demanded Vocational degree programme – Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc) in a) Fashion Technology and b) Software Development. UGC has sanctioned the grant for a period of three years to start these Vocational B.Voc. Degree courses from the academic year 2014-2015.

The AISD recognized as Official Training Partner to NASSCOM for the courses in ‘Web Developer (NSQF Level-5)’ and ‘Software Developer (NSQF Level-7)’ from the academic year 2015-16.

Units of AISD

The AISD has the following three units to impart Skill Education to the youth to make them Industry ready:

  • B.Voc. Degree programmes
  • Alagappa University-IL& FS Institute of Skills (AU-IIS)
  • Garment Training Unit

These units are situated in two separate buildings of Alagappa University with the spread of 18,500 sq ft with machineries worth of 2.25Cr.


Dr. B. Dharmalingam is serving as the Director of AISD from its inception with more than 25 years of rich experience in academic, research, training and extension activities in the areas of Sociology, Women’s Studies and Rural Development. There are two Assistant Professors, two Teaching Assistants and two Laboratory Assistants handling the Fashion Technology and Software Development courses along with three more Teaching Assistants for handling language and general papers.

The AISD, within a short period of its establishment has climbed to great statures through its commendable Skill Development programmes. This is accomplished with the team work of competent and committed teaching and administrative staff with the ample support of University administration.

Contact Details:

Dr. B. Dharmalingam,
Professor & Director
Alagappa Institute of Skill Development,
Alagappa University,
Karaikudi – 630 003,
Tamil Nadu, India.

Phone No : 91-4565-223260
Mobile No : 91-944 3850902

S.No Photo Name Designation Profile
1 Dr. B.Dharmalingam Director
Programmes Offered
B.Voc. Degree programmes

The AISD conducting UGC recognized B.Voc. under-graduate Degree (3-Years) Programmes in

  • B.Voc. Fashion Technology
  • Software Development

However, the Students can opt to leave:

  • At the end of first year with Diploma
  • At the end of second year with Advanced Diploma
  • At the End of three years with a B.Voc. Degree

Award levels and Credit Framework for B.Voc. Degree Programmes:

Award Duration NSQF Level Skill Component Credits General Component Credits Total Credits
Diploma 1 Year 5 36 24 60
Advanced Diploma 2 Year 6 72 48 120
B.Voc. Degree 3 Year 7 108 72 180
Alagappa University-IL& FS Institute of Skills (AU-IIS)

In addition to the B.Voc. Courses, through AU-IIS, the AISD offers NOS compliant, employment linked

  • Short-term courses
  • Certificate courses
  • Diploma courses

across several sectors as follows,

Engineering sector

Diploma courses in

  • CNC machine operation
  • Electrician
  • Mechatronics

Certificate courses in

  • Arc & Advanced Welding
IT/ITeS Sector

Certificate courses in

  • 2D Animation
  • DTP operator
  • Web Designing
Apparel Sector

Certificate courses in

  • Fashion Designing
Healthcare Sector

Diploma courses in

  • Patient Care Assistant
Service Sector

Certificate courses in

  • Retail Sales Associate
Garment Training Unit

Certificate courses in

  • Sewing Machine Operator
  • Embroidery
Fee Structure for B.Voc. Degree Programmes (per Annum)
S.No B.Voc. Degree Programmes I year Fee
II year Fee
III year Fee
1. Fashion Technology 4000.00 3000.00 3000.00
2. Software Development 4000.00 3000.00 3000.00


The Details of Fee Structure for B.Voc. Degree Programmes offered through other units of AISD
Sl.No. Unit of AISD Offering Programme Fee Structure
(Post-Graduate Diploma Programmes)
Mechatronics 15,000/-
(Diploma Programmes)
CNC operator 7,500/-
Electrician 7,500/-
Advance Welding 12,000/-
Patient Care Assistant 7,500/-
(Certificate Programmes)
Mechatronics 8,000/-
Solar P.V. Technician 7,500/-
Assistant Mason 7,500/-
Application Development in Android 12,000/-
Front-End Design and Development 12,000/-
Banking Executive 12,000/-
4. Garment Training Unit
(Certificate Programmes)
Sewing Machine Operator 2,100/-
Embroidery 2,100/-
(Certificate Programmes)
Manufacturing of Paper Products / Sanitary Napkin 1,500/-
Manufacturing of Phenyl/ Disinfectants/ Agarbatti 1,000/-
Manufacturing of Bakery & Confectionary 2,000/-
Plumbing 3,000/-
AC mechanism 3,000/-
Infrastructure Facilities

The Alagappa University has formed six class rooms, three faculty rooms and Computer laboratory with the financial assistance of UGC for B.Voc. Courses with the following equipments:

  • 40 Computer Systems with latest Hardware and Software components
  • LAN & Internet
  • 1 Multimedia projector
  • 10 KVA UPS
  • 1 multi-purpose copier
  • Web camera – 15 nos

The Computer laboratory is also equipped with the following Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Software to give hands-on training to the B.Voc. Fashion Technology students:

  • ESSDi Garudan Fashion Studio (10 connections)
  • Tuka CAD (10 connections)
  • Reach - Fashion Studio

The Garment Training Unit has equipped with the following apparatuses to give practical exposure to the B.Voc. Fashion Technology students and the students of Short-term courses on ‘Sewing Machine Operator’ and ‘Embroidery’:

  • 40 Industrialized Sewing Machines
  • Single needle machines
  • Over lock machines
  • Flat lock machines
  • Embroidery machines
  • Mannequins

AISD augmented with latest books and E-Learning materials related to Fashion Technology and Software Development disciplines for the worth of 1 lakh rupees with the UGC’s financial assistance to B.Voc. programmes.

Infrastructure in AU-IIS

The AU-IIS is augmented with the following latest machineries with the financial assistance from IL& FS Institute of Skills, New Delhi to impart Skill Education in various industry-specific short-term Skill training courses:

CNC Training
  • CNC turning machine
  • CNC Milling machine
  • Display board for tools
  • Measuring equipments
  • Simulation Lab
Welding Training
  • Welding simulator
  • TIG Welding machine
  • MIG Welding machine
  • Welding booths (5 Nos)
  • Drilling & Cutting machines
  • AG-4, AG-7 grinding machines
  • Gas welding
  • Hand drill machine - BOSCH
Electrical Training
  • Electrical Working board
  • Display board -working tools
  • Live demo panel with display products
  • Comprising of modular switch
  • Fan, UPS, MCBS, DBS, LED lights for 2BHK house wiring
Mechatronics Training
  • PLC kit
  • Scada PLC kit
  • HMI & Sensor training kit
  • Pneumatic with PLC
  • Hydraulic with PLC
Healthcare training
  • Fowler bed
  • Ralling
  • Stethoscope
  • B P apparatus
  • Thermometer
  • Wheel Chair
  • Stretcher
  • Trays with Instruments (Tray with cover)
  • Posters for Anatomy & Physiology
  • Reference tools for tropical diseases
  • Model of the Transparent lung segment
  • Human Placenta
  • Embryo
  • Digestive system
  • Human size Skeleton
Ph.D. Awarded
Sl.No. Name of the Candidate Research Supervisor Year of Award
1 M.Shanthi Dr.B.Dharmalingam 2011
2 R.Gunasundaram Dr.B.Dharmalingam 2011
3 P.Lakshmi Dr.B.Dharmalingam 2015
4 K.Valanthina Kuraizi Dr.B.Dharmalingam 2015
5 V.Jayaprakash Dr.B.Dharmalingam 2015
6 RM.Vairavasundaram Dr.B.Dharmalingam 2015
Details of Research Projects
Rs. in Lakhs
1 Dr.B.Dharmalingam Evaluation of the Project “National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme in Sivagangai District” 2006 -2007 Public Affair Centre, Bangalore 0.3
2 Dr.B.Dharmalingam Preparation of Sivaganga District Perspective Plan for NREGS 2006-2007 DRDA, Sivaganga 2.56
3 Dr.B.Dharmalingam Centre for Nehru Studies (under Epoch Making Social Thinkers of India) 2005-2007 UGC, New Delhi 4.5
4 Dr.B.Dharmalingam Skill Training on Readymade Garments 2007 Tamil Nadu Corporation for Women Development Limited, Sivaganga 3.0
5 Dr.B.Dharmalingam Garment Tailoring – Skill Training to the SHGs 2007-2008 TAHDCO
6 Dr.B.Dharmalingam Skill Training on Readymade Garments 2006-2007 Tamil Nadu Corporation for Women Development 2.0
7 Dr.B.Dharmalingam Selection of Technical Assistants and Computer Assistants for NREGS 2006-2007 DRDA, Sivaganga 1.5
8 Dr.B.Dharmalingam Preparation of Sivaganga District Perspective Plan for NREGS 2006-2007 DRDA, Sivaganga 2.56
9 Dr.B.Dharmalingam Impact of Women Self-Help Groups in Rural Development 2011-2012 Alagappa University 0.6
10 Dr.B.Dharmalingam Women Exclusion and Empowerment in Local Self Government of Rural Tamil Nadu 2011-2013 UGC, New Delhi 5.2
Details of on-going consultancy projects / schemes for Skill Training
Rs. in Lakhs
1 Dr.B.Dharmalingam B.Voc. programmes 2014-2017 UGC, New Delhi 185.0
2 Dr.B.Dharmalingam Short-term Skill Training programmes through AU-IIS 2013 – till date IL&FS Skills, New Delhi 75.0
UGC – B.Voc. Programmes

As, we started to offer UG - B.Voc. Programmes from the academic year 2014-15, the details of Alumni OF b.Voc. programmes will be updated from the academic year 2017-18 onwards.

Notable Alumni of short-term Skill programmes through AU-IIS
S.No Trainee name Employer Name Designation
1 Benjamin Raja Apex Automation, Covai Shift Incharge
2 Adaikalam Kun Aerospace Pvt Ltd Setter
3 Ajithkumar Kun Aerospace Pvt Ltd Setter
4 Sivananthapandiyan MN Industries, Chennai Team Leader
5 Manikandan Hundai, Chennai CNC Operator
6 Saleem khan Wheels India, Chennai CNC Operator
7 Pitchamani TVS Sundaram Cluton CNC Operator
8 Pappaiyan TVS Sundaram Cluton CNC Operator
9 Kailasam TVS Lucas, Chennai CNC Operator
10 Gowtham Com star Automative, Chennai Quality Incharge
11 Muthukumar Falcon Tooling, Covai CNC Operator
12 Karuppiah Cogitate Automation, Covai Supervisor
13 Vickram Mahendra Pump CNC Operator
14 Asaraf Mahendra Pump CNC Operator
Conferences / Seminars / Symposiums organized
National seminar on ‘Indian Software Industry – Growth and Future’ organized on 26th – 27th September, 2014

In collaboration with the Department of International Business and Commerce, aTwo-Day UGC sponsored National seminar on ‘Indian Software Industry – Growth and Future’ was organized on 26th – 27th September, 2014.

National Conference on Recent Advancements in Software Development (NCRASD – 2015) held on 23rd March, 2015
  • A National Conference on Recent Advancements in Software Development (NCRASD – 2015) has been organized on 23rd March, 2015. Prof. V. Kaliyamoorthy, Convener-VC officiating Committee, Alagappa University has delivered the presidential address and Dr. R. Gokulakrishnan,Joint Director / Scientist D-STPI, Department of Electronics and IT, Government of India has delivered the inaugural address. Mr. ORB. Raja, Director, USA Career Institute, Minneapolis, USA has delivered the key-note address on ‘Big Data Analytics’.
  • Mr. S.N. Ravichandran, Co-Anchor, Data Security Council of India (DSCI) – Coimbatore Chapter, Coimbatore and Dr. D. Muhammad Noorul MubarakDepartment of Computer Science, University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala have delivered invited talks on, ‘Cyber Forensic’ and ‘Security issues in Cloud Computing’ respectively.
  • Forty research papers were presented by the Researchers. 200 participants were attended the Conference.
  • Prof. V. Manikavasagam, Registrar, Alagappa University, Karaikudi, has delivered the presidential address during the valediction of the Conference and Dr. M. Thangaraj,Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, Madurai Kamaraj University has delivered the Valedictory address.
FACON Fest – 2015 held on 27rd March, 2015
  • The Fashion festival function entitled as organised by the Skill Development Centre of Alagappa University, Karaikudi was held on 27th March, 2015. Prof.S.Kaliyamoorthy, Convener, Vice-Chancellor officiating committee, Alagappa University, has delivered the presidential address. Dr.R.Dhandapani, Member of the Syndicate, Alagappa University, has delivered the inaugural address. Mr.A.K.B.Nawas Babu, Managing Director of S.A.Knitwears, Madurai delivered the special address on that occasion. Dr. V. Balachandran, Dean-Student affairs, Alagappa University offered his felicitations.
  • In the morning session, competitions were held in nine events such as Fashion Illustration, Surface ornamentation, Window Display, Mehandi, Face painting, Wealth from waste, Accessory making, Poster making and draping. About 100 students were participated from various departments of Alagappa University and nearby colleges. During the Inaugural session, Traditional Wears show, Designer contest, cultural programmes were conducted by the students of B.Voc courses and Cultural Club of Alagappa University. About 500 students were participated in the FACON FEST-2015 from various departments of Alagappa University and nearby colleges.
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