Percolation Tank

Construction of Percolation Tank

One of the monumental initiatives taken up recently by the University is the construction of percolation tank inside the campus. Water is life and an engine of economic growth. Water is a rarest commodity of the universe for which utilizable substitute has not been found so far. But, the utilizable water potential has been declining at a rapid pace in India including in Tamil Nadu in the recent years. In view of this, sustained efforts have been taken by the Central and State governments to harvest and store the rain water wherever possible. Alagappa University has a vast area of land where huge potential for rain water harvesting is available. Over the years, the entire rainwater has been flowing out of the campus, without benefiting the University. In order to harvest the rainwater, a percolation tank has been constructed in the backyard of the Department of Economics and Rural Development, where huge empty area is available with the natural drainage lines. The size of the percolation tank is estimated to be 5329 sq.mt (1.32 acre) which can store about 6000 cubic meter (60 lakh liters) of water. This percolation tank is expected to help recharging the groundwater in the campus and also the wells situated in and around the University campus. The increased moisture availability due to storage of water in the tank would also help improving the green cover of the University substantially. On the bank (around) of the percolation tank, a beautiful park with walking track is also established to improve the overall ambience of the University campus.