Responsibilities of the Publications Division of a higher educational institution are extensive and manifold.

The Publications Division is a non-profitable publisher of scholarly books. Accordingly books brought out by the division are priced at actual cost of printing.

Perceiving this significant idea the successive dynamic and resourceful Vice-Chancellors of Alagappa University with futuristic perspectives have helped to expand the horizon of the activities of the Publications Division.

The Publications Division has been bringing out quarterly issues of Azhagu Newsletter for the past 21 years. The newsletter has documented all the significant academic events and activities that happened on the campus in the last 21 years.

During the third NAAC re-accreditation in April 2017, the Publications Division of Alagappa University played a prominent role by bringing out, to the level of impeccable precision and accuracy, the individual profiles of all the 40 Departments and 36 Centres of the University, and instantly won the acclamation of the Peer Team. Besides publishing a number of scholarly critical works of academic interest, it commemorated the 108th birth anniversary of its Founder, Vallal Alagappar on 6th April 2017, publishing befittingly four treasure-troves – namely,

1. Vallal ALAGAPPAR : A Living Legend , a Ph.D. thesis on Alagappar’s achievements.

2. ALAGAPPA : A Beautiful Mind in French

3. ALAGAPPA : A Beautiful Mind in Hindi

4. ArivukKodai Vallal Alagappar in Tamil

All the above four works are authentic and standard biographies on the life and services of Vallal Alagappar. The recent additions include Muththollaayeram in Tamil and Valluvam : The Philosophy of World Affirmation and English translation of Valluvam, a critical masterpiece in Tamil on Thirukkural

Sounding optimism, the authorities have initiated steps to broaden the sphere of its activities. It is bound to show a spectacular growth soon.

• The Publications Division gears itself up to spread its wings far and wide, come to the fore-front from its back-office mode, and make its presence ubiquitous.

• The Publications Division plans to prominently display all its Publications, present and past, at the entrance of the Administration Building itself.

• The Division works with verve to smoothly lift off and sore to sublime heights of prominence and create a halo of its own.

• The Division helps the authors of books at the University to get ISBN Number.

• The Publications Division has translated into English all the exhibits in Tamil of the Centre for Tamil Culture and their activities. It is envisaged to preserve not only the magnitude and magnanimity of the unique culture of the Tamils but also to make wider population of visitors namely, different luminaries from the other States of India and foreign dignitaries as well to learn about the core values upheld by the Tamils. The division has also helped organisers of Vallal Alagappar Museum by doing write-ups on the glorious life and philanthropy of Alagappar, the founder of Alagappa Group of Educational Institutions at Karaikudi

Dr. K.R. Murugan - Publications Officer

Alagappa University - Alagu News Letter

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