Department of English and Foreign Languages

Department of English and Foreign Languages

The Department of English and Foreign Languages was established in May 2005 .Within a very short period of its establishment, it has been serving the five-fold objectives of Higher Education "PEARL"(Pedagogy, Extension, Application, Research and Learning).

The Department offers Post-Graduate, Post-Master's and Doctoral Research Programmes so as to cater to the needs of the students belonging to Sivagangai, Ramanathapuram Districts and other places all over India. It also offers Certificate course in French. Further, the Department has opened fresh avenues for developing command over language skills through a well equipped Language Laboratory. This Department has attracted students from China, which is a matter of pride indeed.

The Department functions with highly qualified, competent and well- trained faculty members who have expertise in their respective fields who employ modern pedagogical techniques to promote the students' skills. The Department has a well equipped library. A modern Computerized Lab has also been established at a cost of rupees fifteen lakhs. Workshops, seminars, visits and training programmes are integral part of learning experience for students and scholars.

Vision and Mission

The Department provides inclusive Higher Education opportunities by reaching the unreached through quality academic programmes in order to produce competent professionals in English and Foreign Languages irrespective of gender, location and social category.

Salient Features of the Department
  • The profiles of Faculty Members are rich with publications. Project execution experience of the faculty has been leading to good research output in the form of M.Phil dissertations / Ph.D theses, and dissemination activities like article writing and seminar paper readings.
  • Remedial teaching offered to slow learners.
  • Special Coaching Classes are arranged periodically for the benefit of rural students.
  • Inter-Disciplinary Electives are offered. (English for Mass Media, Business, Communication, Office Automation and Essentialsof Educational Psychology)
  • Philosophical, Psychological & Sociological Foundations of Education has been included as one of the courses.
  • Opportunities are provided to acquire fellowships and grants from different funding agencies.
  • Through DEEP Club, the Department conducts classes for improving communication skills of the students of all departments.
  • Special coaching classes are organized for SLET / NET exams.
  • Students sharpen their listening and speaking skills through conventional and computerized language laboratory.
  • Department library is equipped with latest reference books & journals.
  • Final year students get placed in established educational institutions through placement cell.
  • Eminent professors and erudite scholars from various universities deliver special lectures periodically.
Accomplishments of the Department
  • The Department has the unique pride of attracting Chinese Students to pursue their higher Studies here. A group of six Chinese Students studied B.A. English in this department during 2002-2006. In the same academic year, another batch of three Chinese Students studied a three month course in Communication Skills in the department under the Cultural Exchange Programme.
  • Within a very short duration of six years, the department has organized four International Conferences, three National Seminars and periodic guest lectures. To enhance the competency of the teachers of Alagappa University, it has also organized a one-month British Council Sponsored Workshop.
  • 100% placement of M.A., M.Phil and Ph.D. Degree holders of the Department who are presently serving in 25 institutions in Tamil Nadu (Universities, Colleges of Engineering, Arts, Science, Polytechnic and Higher Secondary Schools) is a major achievement of the Department.
  • Students and scholars of the Department receive good exposure through the special lectures delivered by National and International level experts.
Research Activities

Twelve Scholars are currently pursuing their Doctoral Research in English, of which eight are full-time Scholars and four Scholars are part-timers. There are 28 M.Phil Scholars who carry out research as a part of curricular requirement.

Placement Opportunities

M.A., M.Phil., and Ph.D. holders from this Department get placement in schools, colleges and companies through career opportunity fares organized by the Department. Besides, they are competent to serve in Executive positions and other functional areas of management.


Opportunities to acquire fellowships from different funding agencies such as the MHRD, the UGC, Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund and IGNOU have been provided to Research Scholars. Five scholars are pursuing Doctoral Research under Rajiv Gandhi National Research Fellowship (RGNRF) and one scholar is a recipient of Alagappa University Research Fellowship (AURF).

Organization of Conferences / Workshops / Symposia/ Seminars

The department promotes interaction among research scholars, experts and language specialists which is vital for sharing of experience and dissemination of innovations. Hence it organizes Conferences, Workshops, Symposia and seminars at national and international levels. Conferences on themes of significance and relevance like 'Changing Paradigms in the Teaching of English', 'Communication Skills', 'Classical Literature: East and West', 'Emerging Trends in Teaching Language and Literature', 'Trends in Modern Literature: East and West' were organized where delegates and Key Resource Persons from Canada, Bangladesh, Greece, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Oman and professors from various Universities of India shared their expertise and gave a rich literary feast to the participants.

Guest Lecture Programmes

The Department organizes Guest Lecture Programmes periodically. Experts from the universities of this country and from abroad deliver lectures on various topics. Resource persons from State Universities, California and San-Diego State University, (U.S.A), Dhofar University, (Oman), Ghana (West Africa), Singapore and Mauritius have delivered lectures on topics such as Research Methodology for English Studies, Importance of English Literature, Creativity in English and Interview Techniques, Importance of African Culture, Importance of Language Laboratory, Effectiveness of Soft Skills, Similarities between Chinese and English Languages, Importance of Learning French, Introduction to English Literature.

Contact Details:

Dr. P. Madhan ,
Professor & Head
Department of English & Foreign Languages,
Alagappa University,
Karaikudi – 630 003,
Tamil Nadu, India.
E-mail :
Phone No : 9442282517

S.No Photo Name Designation Profile
1 Dr. P.Madhan Professor and Head
2 Dr. S.Valliammai Assistant Professor
3 Dr. M.Natarajan Assistant Professor
4 Dr. SP.M.Kanimozhi Assistant Professor
5 Dr. S.Sudha Assistant Professor
Programmes Offered
    Sl. No. Name of the Programmes Action
    1 M.A., English
Fee structure per Annum
S.No. Programmes Tuition fee SPL Fee Other fee Special lecture fee First year fee Second year fee
1 M.A 1000 2000 1000 --- 4000 3000
2 M.Phil 4000 2000 1000 --- 7000 ---
3 M.Phil SSP 12000 1000 2000 --- --- ---
4 Certificate Programme in French 1500 --- --- --- --- ---
5 Certificate Programme in German 1500 --- --- --- --- ---
  • Physically Challenged candidates are exempted from the payment of Tuition fee and special fee.
  • Only tuition fee is exempted for SC/ST candidates and all other fees to be remitted by them
  • Computerized Language Laboratory
  • Glottophone Conventional Language Laboratory
  • Smart Classroom
  • Seminar Hall with LCD Projector
  • Research Monographs
  • Library
  • Computing and Network facilities to support research activities
  • Research tools for Scholars
  • Photocopying Facility
Language Lab

The Department has a modern Computerized Language Lab with 25 computers. English laboratory works on the client server application running in LAN. It has the following modules useful for enhancing Language skills among students to make them successful in their careers.

  • Communication skills
  • Learning Skills
  • Phonetics
  • Conversation
  • Career lab for teaching public speaking, facing interview, group discussion, written communication, resume preparation, assertiveness and soft skills.

Our Department library has a good collection of books, abridged and original literary works, reference books and periodicals related to British Literature, American Literature, Indian English Literature, Indian Commonwealth Literature, English Language Teaching and Teaching of French.

Areas of Research
  • English Language Teaching
  • Indian English Literature
  • Translation Works
  • British Literature
  • American Literature
  • African Literature
  • Technology Integrated Language Education
Research Projects
Rs. in Lakhs
1 Dr. S. Subbiah Teacher Absenteeism Student Absenteeism in Primary And Upper Primary Schools in Select Districts of Tamil Nadu July 2009-Jan.2010 Govt. of Tamil Nadu 3.33
2 Dr. S. Subbiah Enhancing Scholastic Achievement of Primary Children with Mild Mental Retardation through a Competency Updating Teacher Training Programme for Inclusive Education Feb. 2010-Dec. 2014 UGC 6.20 
3 Dr. S. Subbiah Attitude of Teachers, Parents and Children towards Punishment Imposed in Primary and Upper Primary Schools Sep.2009- March. 2013 AURF 0.60
4 Dr. P. Madhan Realism in the
Select Fictional
Writings of Arunthathi Roy, Kiran Desai and Anita Nair: A Study
 Feb. 2016 –Feb. 2018 AURF 0.50
5 Dr. M. Natarajan M. H. Abrams’ A Glossary of Literary Terms: A Tamil Translation Mar.2017-Mar.2019 AURF 0.50
6. Dr. P. Madhan &  Dr. M. Natarajan Women Context In Bharathiyar’s Writings: English Translation Mar.2017-Mar.2019 AURF 3.00
7. Dr. SP.M Kanimozhi Feministic Voices as Echoed in the Novels of Bama and Buchi Emecheta  Mar.2017-Mar.2019 AURF 0.25
8. Dr.S. Valliammai Effectiveness of Collaborative Language learning in imporving the communicative competence of the woman students belonging to the marginalized sector at the tertiary level  Mar.2017-Mar.2019 AURF 0.25
Projects Applied
Name of the Faculty Title of the Project Funding Agency Amount in lakhs
Dr. M. Natarajan Dr. P. Madhan Advancement of Integrated Instructional Strategy in Augmenting the Ability of Government Tribal Middle School Teachers in English Language Teaching ICSSR 15.00
Dr. SP. M. Kanimozhi Dr. S. Valliammai Remedial Package for Developming Writing Skill to Eradicate the Errors Committed by the Degree Class Students of Tamil Nadu ICSSR 12.48
Faculty Publications: 187

Articles in Journals : 80
Books : 09
Monographs : 03
Articles in Books : 95

  Dr.S.Subbiah Dr.P.Madhan Dr.S.Valliammai Dr.M.Natarajan Dr.SP.M.Kanimozhi Dr. S. Sudha
Articles in Journal 25 10 10 20 10 5
Chapters 30 20 10 20 10 5
Monograph 03 03 01 01 -- --
Books 02 04 01 02 -- --

Paper Presented in Seminar/ Conferences: 316

S.No Name of the Faculty Members International conference National conference/seminar No.of Sessions chaired No. of invited talks
1. Dr.S.Subbiah 34 51 94 152
2 Dr.P.Madhan 17 32 5 17
3 Dr.S.Valliammai 20 36 4 4
4 Dr.M.Natarajan 15 35 5 16
5 Dr.SP.M.Kanimozhi 10 25 --  -- 
6 Dr.S.Sudha 12 27  -- --
  Total 108 206 108 189
Ph. Ds Produced : 23
Ph. Ds on going: 36


Name of the Faculty Completed On going
Dr. S. Subbiah 21 08
Dr. P. Madhan 02 08
Dr. S. Valliammai -- 08
Dr. M. Natarajan -- 08
Dr. SP. M. Kanimozhi -- 04
Ph.D. Awarded
Sl. No. Name of the Candidate Research Supervisor Year of Award
1 V. Nagarajan Dr. M. Solayan 2009
2  V. Ramakrishan Dr. M. Solayan 2011
3 K.Shanthi Dr. M. Solayan 2011
4 Anisha Barvin Dr. M. Solayan 2011
5 A.Benita Dr. M. Solayan 2012
6 S. Valliammai Dr. M. Solayan 2012
7 P. Madhan Dr. M. Solayan 2012
8 S. Henry Kishore Dr. V. B. Vinoth 2012
9 S. Karthika Dr. M. Solayan 2013
10 M. Kannadasan Dr. S. Subbiah 2013
11 B. Kavitha Dr. S. Subbiah 2013
12 M. Vennila Dr. M. Solayan 2013
13 D. Vadivambal Dr. S. Subbiah 2013
14 G. Rajesh Kumar Dr. S. Subbiah 2014
15 M. Natarajan Dr. S. Subbiah 2014
16 R. Thangam Dr. S. Subbiah 2014
17 S. Meenapriyadharshini Dr. S. Subbiah 2014
18 J. Mary Jeyanthi Dr. S. Subbiah 2014
19 S. Sudha Dr. S. Subbiah 2015
20 S. Madhubala Dr. S. Subbiah 2015
21 A. Gowrimanohari Dr. S. Subbiah 2015
22 K. Kamala Devi Dr. S. Subbiah 2015
23 A. Kavitha Dr. S. Subbiah 2015
24 S. Ravikumar Dr. S. Subbiah 2016
25 Reena Varghese Dr. V. B. Vinoth 2016
26 B. Mahalakshmi Dr. P. Madhan 2016
27 R. Nanthini Dr. P. Madhan 2017
Our Star Alumni

Dr. Chen Desheng,
Associate Profesor of Englsish,
Wuhan polytechnic University, Dongxihu, China


Dr. V. Nagarajan,
the first Ph. D holder form Dept. of English and Foreign Languages,
Alagappa University is working as Associate Professor and Head ,
Govt. Arts College, Karaikudi


Dr. V. Ramakrishnan,
Associate Professor and Head,
Arumugam Pillai Seethai Ammal College,


Dr. M. Venila,
Creative Director,
Associate Profesor and Head ,
Seethalakshmi Achi College for Women,


Dr. P. Madhan,
Associate Professor and Head i/c,
Dept. of English and Foreign Languages,
Alagapa University,

Alumni Details
1 Dr.V.Nagarajan  Associate professor,Dept. of English, AGA college ,Karaikudi
2 Dr. P. Madhan Associate Professor ,Dept of English and Foreign Language, Alagappa university,karaikudi
3 Dr.S. Valliammai Assistant Professor ,Dept of English and Foreign Language, Alagappa university,karaikudi
4 Dr.S.Ravikumar Assistant Professor, Dept. of English, Sree Sevugan Annamalai College, Devakottai.
5 Dr. M.Natarajan Assistant Professor ,Dept of English and Foreign Language, Alagappa university,karaikudi
6 Dr. A. Ananthavalli Assistant Professor ,Seethalakshmi Achi College,Pallathur
7 Dr. J. Mary Jeyanthi Assistant Professor Dept. of English, for women,Pallathur
8 S.Moorthi Assistant Professor, Dept. of English, Sree Sevugan Annamalai College, Devakottai.
9 Dr. A.Gowrimanohari Assistant Professor, Mohamed Sathak Engineering College,Kilakarai
10 Dr. B.Mahalakshmi Assistant Professor, Bharathidasan university model college,Aranthangi.
11 M.Rekha Assistant Professor, Mohamed Sathak Engineering College,Kilakarai
12 A.sowmiya Assistant Professor,Nachiyappa swamigal arts and science college, kovilur
13 V.Vasuki Assistant Professor ,Sree Rajaraja CBSE School,Amaravathipudur.
14 K.Bagaavathi Assistant Professor,Ananda college,Devakottai
15 R.Yoga Assistant Professor,Dr.N.G.P Instute of Technology,Coimbatore
16 A.Arjunan Assistant Professor,AUCP-Paramakudi
17 Dr.K.Panchatcharam Assistant Professor,Dept. of English AGAC,Karaikudi
18 P.Boomiraja Assistant Professor,Dept. of English AGAC,Karaikudi
19 M.Prema Assistant Professor,AUCP-Paramakudi
20 A.Murugan Assistant Professor,AUCP-Paramakudi
21 A.Gopalakrishnan Assistant Professor,AUCP-Paramakudi
22 G.Rajkumar Assistant Professor ,BDUMC,Vedarnyam
23 Dr.R.Thangam Assistant Professor ,Seethalakshmi College,Pallathur
24 Dr. M. Vennila Assistant Professor ,Seethalakshmi College,Pallathur
25 Kasthuriba Devasena.SP Assistant Professor, Dept. of English, Sree Sevugan Annamalai College, Devakottai.
26 Sundari.T.R Assistant Professor ,Dept. of English,Dr.Umayal Ramanathan college for women,karaikudi
27 Saravanan.M Assistant Professor, Dept. of English Bharathidasan University Constituent college.
28 Asha.K Assistant Professor ,Dept. of English,Dr.Umayal Ramanathan college for women,karaikudi
29 Manjula.K Assistant Professor ,Dept. of English,Dr.Umayal Ramanathan college for women,karaikudi
30 Prabha Rani .A Assistant Professor ,Dept. of English,Sri saradha  Nikaetan college
31 Aishwarya .G Assistant Professor ,Dept. of English,Dr.Umayal Ramanathan college for women,karaikudi
33 Sumithra.C Assistant Professor, Dept. of English, Sree Sevugan Annamalai College, Devakottai.
34 Madhubala .S Assistant Professor,Nachiyappa swamigal arts and science college, kovilur
35 Saravanamuthu.G Teaching Assistant ,Dept of English and Foreign Language, Alagappa university,karaikudi
36 Suchitra.G Assistant Professor, Dept of English,Idhaya college for women,Sarugani
37 Suguna.G Assistant Professor, Dept. of English, Sree Sevugan Annamalai College, Devakottai.
38 SenthilPriya.S Assistant Professor, Dept. of English, Sree Sevugan Annamalai College, Devakottai.
39 Maragatham.S Assistant Professor ,Dept. of English,Dr.Umayal Ramanathan college for women,karaikudi
40 Sudha.S Assistant Professor ,Dept. of English,Dr.Umayal Ramanathan college for women,karaikudi
41 Sathya.S Assistant Professor ,Dept. of English,Dr.Umayal Ramanathan college for women,karaikudi
42 Anisha Barvin Assistant Professor,Zahir Hussain college, Elayangudi
43 Dr. G.Rajesh Kumar Assistant Professor of (DDE), Madurai kamarajar university,Madurai
44 Dr. V. Ramakrishna Associate Professor, Dept. of English,APSA college,Thiruppathur
45 Sujatha.C Assistant Professor, Dept. of English, Sree Sevugan Annamalai College, Devakottai.
46 Pandiyarajan Assistant Professor, Dept. of English, Sree Sevugan Annamalai College, Devakottai.
47 Karthika.S Assistant Professor,Sri Parasakthi college for women,Cutralam
Associations & Literary Activities
  • English Literary Association
  • World Poetry Day Celebrations
  • Alumni Association
  • Parents' Meeting
  • DEEP Club
English Literary Association (ELA)

The Department of English & Foreign Languages organizes English Literary Progammes regularly. The ELA conducts various competitions on Lyric Writing, Essay Writing, Debates, Interaction Meets and Elocution. The winners of the competitions are awarded prizes. The major objective of the ELA is to promote aural-oral competencies of rural learners.

World Poetry Day

This is a unique occasion regularly celebrated by Alagappa University on 21st March of every year. Eminent poets from Sahitya Academy and experts from various universities inspire the students through their enlightening lectures. Competitions are conducted on Poetry writing both in English and Tamil which help the students express their hidden poetic talents.

This year "World Poetry Day" was celebrated on March 21, 2011. Dr.S. Sudalaimuthu, Vice-Chancellor, Alagappa University presides over the function. Dr.G. Balakrishnan, former Vice-Principal, St. Joseph's College, Trichy, and Mr. Thangam Moorthy, Member, Sahitya Academy were the key resource persons who spoke on the importance of creating interest on poetry among the students.

Alumni Association

The Department organizes Alumni Association meeting every year. The students of the department of English and Foreign Languages hail from all walks of life and always carry bright memories of the Department, as its aim is to promote a healthy, congenial and academically interactive atmosphere. The Alumni Association of the department takes initiatives in collecting data about the past students, keeping track of their academic records and achievements. The Alumni of the department are invited to offer suggestions for more effective functioning of the department based on their experiences; this interaction benefits both the staff and students in promoting better planning. Most of the Alumni are placed in Universities, Arts & Science Colleges, Engineering Colleges and Schools.

Parents' meeting

The Department conducts Parents Meeting annually. Parents are invited to express their impressions at the meeting. The faculty members strive to communicate regularly with the parents not only to keep them aware of the progress of their wards in academic subjects, but also to keep them involved in their overall performance.

Placement Programmes

Placement activity is an integral part of the Department fulfilling the manpower requirement for English Teachers by several institutions. The Department of English and Foreign Languages and the Placement Cell of Alagappa University have been jointly organizing placement programmes since the inception of the Department. Students are employed in Engineering, Arts & Science, Polytechnic Colleges and Matriculation Schools fulfilling the need for specialists in ELT.

Placement Programme (2009-2010)

For the first time placement initiative for language students was undertaken by Alagappa University under the aegis of its Placement Cell as per the guidelines of the then Vice-Chancellor Prof. P. Ramasamy. The Department of English and Foreign languages, Alagappa University organized a Placement Programme for the appointment of faculty members in English on 25th March 2010 at the Department of English in the University Campus. Perhaps this is first of its kind in the State as generally placement activity is confined to Management and Technology Programmes only.

Twenty three institutions including Arts & Science Colleges, Polytechnic & Engineering Colleges, Teacher Education Institutions and Matriculation Schools from Sivanganga, Trichy, Pudukkottai and Thanjavur Districts turned up to pick up faculty members required for their institutions. The large scale paucity in the availability of quality teachers of English has lead to this kind of efforts by educational institutions visiting universities for picking up qualified language faculty from the outgoing batch of PG students/M.Phil/Ph.D scholars.

Placement Programme (2010-2011)

The Department of English and Foreign Languages and placement cell of Alagappa University jointly organized a placement programme on 29th April, 2011 in the university campus. 12 Arts and Science and Engineering colleges and Matriculation Schools from Sivaganga, Trichy, Pudukottai and Thanjavur Districts turned out to pick faculty members for their institutions. Out of 22 students from the Department of English & Foreign Languages participated in the placement programme, 20 students got selected.

Placement record
Program 2011-2012 2012-2013 2013-2014 2014-2015 2015-16
MA 89% 90% 95% 95% 97%
M.Phil 90% 95% 95% 100% 100%
Ph.D 70% 75% 90% 100% 100%
Photos / Videos