Department of Education


The Department of Education established in 1986 has been serving the major objectives of higher education providing equitable access to all social and economic categories of the immediate community.  While serving it, has been striving to maintain quality adopting national priorities.

The Department, within a short period of its establishment has ascended to great heights through its competent and committed teaching and administrative staff with the ample support of university administration.


This department has the stalwarts of education such as Dr.Pavanasam-Founder Head, Dr.S.Mohan-Cognitive Psychologist and Renowned Educationist  who is familiar throughout country. Dr.P.Prema who was very familiar with the agencies MHRD, SSA, Women education and all the other educational agencies, Dr.R.Krishnaraj educational technology expert who developed many coursewares.  The department has its own identity by the contribution of those faculties.  Presently this department is running under the headship of Prof.Dr.G.Kalaiyarasan and other seven faculty members who are contributing to the field such as teacher education, primary education, science education, curriculum and instruction, educational technology, cognitive psychology and environmental education and so on.


Since its inception, this department has produced more than 400Ph.Ds and completed  more than 100research projects.  The department is a nodal agency to the SarvaShikshaAbhiyan, MHRD and generated funds from UGC, ICSSR, BVLF Netherland, DST and other International and National level agencies.  The full time doctoral and post-doctoral scholars are working in this department with the UGC-fellowship and university fellowships.  The thrust areas of the department are intelligence, cognitive science, teacher education, constructivism, science process skills, inclusive education, educational technology, environmental education and instructional techniques etc.


The department of education has good relationship with various agencies.  It offers research consultancy to the surrounding colleges of education and organized various joint seminars and programmes.  The department also gives its hand to the different DIETs and SCERT to the module development, competence development, training to the teacher educators and teachers.  The department is regularly doing research activities and monitors the activities of CRCs BRCs and SSA schemes.  This department has good rapport with other state and central universities in terms of Board of Studies, content development, seminars, examinations, evaluation, sharing expertise etc.


Articles in Journals, Books, Souvenirs, Monographs, Magazines and other manuals are published by the faculties of the department.  The department is also conducting many national and international conferences, Seminars, Symposium, Panel discussion, Workshops, Research forum and other educational activities.  Through which the volumes are also bringing out and staff have published more than 350 articles in the stated sources.

Outstanding Achievements of the Department
  • One of the strongest Departments in Tamil Nadu in the field of Educational Research.
  • Prof.Dr.BernadetteAnand, a Fulbright scholar from New York selected this Department for carrying out teaching, training, workshop and cultural interaction.  She served in the Department for a period of 5 months from August2008 to December2008.  Out of 300 Universities she selected only Alagappa University which is located in Sivaganga District (One of the backward districts of Tamil Nadu).
  • The department has produced more than400 Ph.Ds within a short span of 30 years of guidance and one fourth of the total Ph.Ds produced by the 21 Departments in this University.
  • MHRD sanctioned three prestigious projects only to this department in the entire State of Tamil Nadu in the areas of Total Literacy Campaign, Total Quality Management and Education for all schemes (SSA).
  • A pioneer Department in promoting inter-disciplinary researches.
  • This is the first Department to generate international fund for research (Bernard van Leer Foundation, the Netherlands)
  • Has been attracting / attracted research scholars from Overseas like Sri Lanka, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Egypt, Italy, Dubai and United States of America.
  • Has produced eminent scholars who are presently Vice-Chancellors, Registrar of IIT and Universities (BHU, VMU) Indian Administrative Service Personnel, State level Directors of School Education, Teacher Education, NCTE Regional Director, Advisor, Union Planning Commission, Indian Naval Officer, Vice-President, M-Phasis, Mumbai, IGNOU Regional Director and other top level officials.
  • Doing socially useful and inter-disciplinary researches which are capable of bringing out changes in the policies and programmes of education.
  • UGC has sanctioned Rs.29 Lakhs for an Innovative Course titled P.G.Diploma in Teacher Education-the only Department in India to receive financial assistance for XI Plan period for this course.
  • The Department completed an important research which is an impact study of Activity Based Learning funded by MHRD; partly based on the results, ABL has been implemented in many States of India.  This is a recognition for the research contribution of the Department.
  • The Department co-ordinated a workshop on “Reflection and Assessment-Supporting In Service and Preservice Teachers in a B.Ed Programme” sponsored by United States-India Educational Foundation, Chennai.
  • More than ten national and international activities have been organized in the stipulated time.
  • Presently the department is carrying out a UGC Major Research Project entitled Enhancing “Scholastic Achievement of Primary Children with Mild Mental Retardation through a Competency updating teacher training Programme for Inclusive Education”.  Research fund (Rs.6,60,000)
  • The proposal for the establishment of a University of Teacher Education given by Dr.P.Prema, Prof. & Head, was considered by the State Government of Tamil Nadu and Established Tamil Nadu Teacher Education University on 1st July 2008 (Letter from Principal Secretary to Governor No.2306/U2/2007 dated 18.06.2007).
S.No Photo Name Designation Profile
1 Dr.G. Kalaiyarasan Professor and Head
2 Dr.A.Selvan Associate Professor
3 Dr.R.Ramnath Assistant Professor
4 Dr. K.Govindarajan Assistant Professor
5 Dr. A.Catherin Jayanthy Assistant Professor
6 Dr. N.Sasikumar Assistant Professor
7 Dr. M.Mahendraprabu Assistant Professor
Programmes Offered
  • M.Ed., (F.T.)
  • M. Phil., (F.T. & S.S.P.)
  • Ph. D., (F.T. & P.T.)
1. M.Ed.,
Program objectives
After completion of the course the students will be able to;
  • Acquire knowledge on the foundations such as educational  philosophy, sociology and psychology as a teacher educator.
  • Elicit the temper and knowledge of educational research
  • Excel in using various methods for educational research
  • Gain an  insight on status issues and role of elementary and secondary education in India.
  • Justify the need of programmes of elementary an secondary education
  • Sensitise the special needs of the differently abled children
  • Employ the appropriate statistical techniques in educational research
  • Administer various technological gadges in an instructional process.
  • Comprehend the need interest attitude and nature of early childhood.
  • Adopt principles, determinants elements and types of curriculum in preparing syllabus curriculum.
  • Prepare a proposal for educational research
  • Have knowledge on contemporary teacher education
  • Obtain knowledge of the system of education in different countries
  • Bridge the ICT with education in different aspects
  • Apply the evaluation measurement and management techniques in their career.
  • Realize the values for their personal professional and social life
  • Get an exposure on the tiers of institution
  • Incorporate the economical, political and democratic policies in education
  • Develop a courseware according to the subjects.

Candidates seeking admission to the M. Ed programme should have obtained atleast 50% marks or an equivalent grade in the following programmes:

  • B. Ed  Degree of one or two years duration (or)
  • B. A., Ed./ B. Sc., Ed. (four years integrated course) Reservation and relaxation shall be as per the rules of the State Government
Selection Procedure

Based on the marks scored by the candidate in entrance examination.

Duration and Weightage of the Programme
Total number of credits 90 credits including research dissertation
Minimum period to complete the programme 2 years (four semesters and one summer) under Choice Based Credit System
Maximum period to complete the programme 4 years
Sanctioned Strength

Five Zero (1 Basic Unit)

Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction is English)


The ratio of Internal Evaluation and External Evaluation is 1:3 (25:75) for Theory Papers and 2:3 (40:60) for dissertations. Viva – voce exam is totally external.

Internal Assessment
1 Three tests – (two best out of three tests) aggregate 10 Marks
2 Group discussion / Seminar 5 Marks
3 Assignment 5 Marks
4 Library / Regularity 5 Marks
total 25 Marks
Question Paper Pattern

The pattern of Question Paper will be as follows:

Each written paper shall be for the duration of three hours. The question paper will be set according to the following pattern: -

  • Section – A: Very short Answer Question. Answer ALL questions 5 x 5 = 25 Marks
    (Question No. 11-18)
  • Section – B: Short answer questions Answer any FIVE out of eight questions. Each question carries 5 marks. 10 x 2 = 20 Marks
    (Question No. 1-10)
  • Section – C: Essay type questions Answer all the FOUR questions either or type. Each question carries 10 marks. 3 x 10 = 30 Marks
    (Question No.19-21))
Core, Elective and Practical Course Components

A student is required to undergo all the core components, viz., Three core papers in First semester, papers in second and Four Core Papers in first three Semester, and four core papers including dissertation in the fourth semester.

Each student is required to choose any One of the Elective Papers in all the Four Semesters.

The student is required to undergo the two practicum in the first semester, one at the second semester and two practicum in the third semester.

Internship/ Field Attachment

Each student will have to undergo two internship training for a minimum of 6 weeks for both the teacher education institution (during second semester) and software production centre (during third semester). He/ She is required to produce a CAI/e-content and also submit the report of the classroom communication strategy and Educational Institution on completion of their Internship Training.


The maximum marks awarded for dissertation is 100; the guide will award marks for a maximum of 40 while the external examiner will award marks for a maximum of 60.

Viva – Voce

The marks for Viva – voce examination is for a maximum of 100, to be awarded by the viva – voce examination board.

Award of Class and Pass

The weighted average of the Grade points of all completed courses in a semester by taking the credits as weights is called Grade point Average. This shall be computed for courses in each semester. In other words, for each semester

GPA = (sum of the products of the grade point and the respective credit of all completed courses) / (sum of the credits of these courses)

Mathematically, for each semester,

           ∑j Cj (GP)j
     GPA = ----------------
              ∑j Cj

Where (GP)j is the grade point for course j
Cjis the credit for course j
∑j is the sum over all courses of that semester

Cumulative Grade Point Average

The cumulative Grade point Average gives an overall measure of the performance of a student in all semesters. This shall be calculated for each semester by dividing the sum of products of grade point and the credit (of all completed courses) by the sum of the credits (of these courses). In other words, the weighted average of the grade points of all completed courses in a program by taking the credits as weights is called Cumulative Grade Point Average. That is,

CGPA = (sum of the products of the grade point and the respective credit of all completed courses)/ (sum of the credits of these courses)

Mathematically, for each semester,

           ∑jCj (GP)j
     CGPA = ----------------

Where (GP)j is the grade point for course j
Cjis the credit for course j
∑j is the sum over all courses of that semester


For each programme, the overall performance of the candidates shall be classified on the basis of the CGPA obtained as per the details given in the following table. The class of the students is specified on the grade and CGPA.

CGPA lies between Grade Class
9.50000 and 10.0000 O+   FIRST CLASS WITH DISTINCTION
9.00000 and 9.49999 O
8.50000 and 8.99999 D++
8.00000 and 8.49999 D+
7.50000 and 7.99999 D
7.00000 and 7.49999 A++ FIRST
6.50000 and 6.99999 A+
6.00000 and 6.49999 A
5.50000 and 5.99999 B+   SECOND
5.00000 and 5.49999 B
Programme structure


Sl. No Paper Course Code Title Credits Int. Ext Total Marks
1. Core
2. Elective ( Any One Area) 741501 ELEMENTARY EDUCATION 4 25 75 100
3. Practical 741104 DEVELOPING RESEARCH PROPOSAL 2 50 - 50
741105 * YOGA AND HEALTH EDUCATION 2 50 - 50
Total Number of Credits 20 200 300 500
*Course offered by the Dept. of Physical Education
1. Core Compulsory 741201 EDUCATIONAL STATISTICS 4 25 75 100
741203  EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY 4 25 75 100
2.  Elective (Any One Area) 741503 EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION 4 25 75 100
Total Number of Credits 22 175 375 550

*Course offered by the Dept. of Special Education

1.  Core Compulsory 741301 EMERGING TRENDS IN TEACHER EDUCATION 4 25 75 100
741302 COMPARATIVE EDUCATION 4 25 75 100
741304 * ICT IN EDUCATION 4 25 75 100
2. Elective (Any One Area) 741505 **EDUCATIONAL MANAGEMENT 4 25 75 100
3. Practical 741305 INSTITUTIONAL VISIT 2 50 - 50
741306 DEVELOPING e-CONTENT 2 50 - 50
Total Number of Credits 24 225 375 600

* Course offered by the Dept. of Computer Science
** Course offered by the dept. to other Dept. Students.

1. Core Compulsory 741401 **VALUE EDUCATION 4 25 75 100
2. Elective (Any One Area) 741507 POLICY IN EDUCATION 4 25 75 100
3.   741405 DISSERTATION VIVA-VOCE 8 40 - 60 100     200
Total Number of Credits 24 140 460 600
Sl. No Paper Course code Title Credits Int. Ext Total Marks
1. Core – 1 731101 Instructional Techniques 6 25 75 100
  Core – 2 731102 Advanced Educational Research methodology 6 25 75 100
2 Specialization 731103 Professional Competency Building Activities 3 50   50
3. Specialization 2(a)   2(b) 731201 Optional Subject* (Based on P.G degree other than education OR Area paper 6 25 75 100
731202 Preparation of Research Design and presentation in Colloquium 3 50   50
4.   731999 Dissertation (Facing & Conducting interviews) 12 75 25 75 25 200
Grand Total 36 275 325 600

Extra Credit Course 2(a) + 2(b) 1 Credit each 

    Sl. No. Name of the Programmes Action
    1 M.Ed., Education (Department of Education)
Fee Structure
Programme Fees (Rs.)
M.Ed., Programme - I Year Rs. 15,500/- ( SC/ST- Rs.4000)
M.Ed., Programme - II Year Rs. 14,200/- (SC/ST – Rs.3000)
M.Phil., Programme Rs. 7,500/- (SC/ST – RS.3000)
Sl.No. Available Items
1. Library
  a) Books The Library of the Department of Education consists of 2508 books.  which cover all the areas of Education
  b) Journals – Ten Journals 28 Journals Articles in Faculty of Education Library.
  c) Encyclopaedia – 18 sets.
i)   The Journal of Educational & Psychological Research Published by RaoAbhaySignh P.G. College of Education Saharanwas, Rewari (HR) & C.L.D.S. Memorial Education Society Rewari (HR)
ii)   The Journal of all India Association for Educational Research Published by Dr.DhrubaCharan Mishra, Bhubaneswar.
iii)   The Journal of Educational Research and Extension Published by Sri Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya college of Education, Coimbatore.
iv)   The Journal of Research and Innovations in Social Science Published by The Hermitage, Cuttack, Odisha.
v)   InigoEdu Research, Published by St.Ignatius College of Education, Tirunelveli.
vi)   A Quarterly Journal of Science Education Published by NCERT, New Delhi.
vii)   BharatiyaSamajikChintan Published by Prof.V.Sivaprakasam, Indian Academy of Social Sciences, Chennai.
viii)   Research and Reflections on Education Published by St.Xavier’s College of Education,  Palayamkottai.
ix)   Edu Tracks Published by Neelkamal Publication, Hyderabad.
x)   International Journal of Educational Research, Development and Extension (IJERDE) Published by Centre for Education Research, M.K. University.
  c) The library is equipped with Xerox Machine to take copies for students and staff members.
  d) The library is equipped with one computer system  in which the list of library books are entered.
  c) Digital library facility are available in central library.
xi)   Indian Journal of Adult Education
xii)   Education Today
xiii)   Education Plus
xiv)   Journal of Education Technology & Research
xv)   Education for All
xvi)   Edu Care
xvii)   Edu World
xviii)   Education Times
xix)   Education at the Cross  Roads
xx)   Education and Welfare
xxi)   Education and Development
xxii)   Thoughts on Education
xxiii)   Excellence in Education
xxiv)   Education and Society
xxv)   International Journal of Education Technology Social
xxvi)   International Journal of Mathematical Education
xxvii)   International Journal of Physical Education Health and Support Sciences.
    The Hindu English
    The Hindu Tamil
    Employment News
    GK Time
    Computer Ulagam
    Knowledge Quest
    GK Today
    Genius PunnagaiUlagam
    Data Quest
    Competition Success Review
    Education Today
    Better Photography
    MalayalaManorama Year Book
    Womens Exclusive
2. Resource Centre
  a) Reports of Research, Seminar undertaken by the students are kept in the resource Centre.
  b) Field Reports are kept in the department.
  c) Reports   of Educational survey by M.B. Buch-are available in the central library of Alagappa University.
  d) Audio-Visual equipment’s – The following are available
    DVD player
    LCD Projector
    Films (Children’s Film, for Social concern, Social issues or Social conflict are kept in the centre)
    Digital Camera – 2 Nos. available in the department resource centre.
    More than 400 Ph.D. theses for Student Reference
    Around 1000 M.Phil. theses for Student Reference
Reprographic Machine& Scanner in Faculty Library
    2508 Books in Faculty Education Library
    28 printed journals
    Developing Library Network (DELNET) facility
    Database of Theses and Dissertations
    Library Lending (ILL)
    Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations
    ODLIS : Online Dictionary of Library & Information Science
    GISTNIC Databases
    MEDLINE & other databases of NLM
    U.S.Patents: Full Text
    Full Text Medical Journals
    Open Access Journals
    Full-Text Medical Books
    Full-Text Engineering & Technology E-journals
    Learning Resources for LIS Professionals
    Digital Libraries of the World
3. Other Amenities
    Functional Laboratory with required furniture for instructional purpose is available
    Parking for vehicles is available
    Protected drinking water available in the campus.
    The premises of the department are regularly being cleaned.
    Sufficient toilet and water facilities both for male and female students are available.
    24x7 Campus Internet Facility
    24x7 Electricity and generator facility
    WIFI Campus
    Audio Visual Equipment (TV, DVD Player, LCD Projector
    Interactive White Board (3)
    Staff rooms (Separate cabin for each faculty member)
    Rest rooms and adequate toilet facilities for the students.
    Toilet facilities equipped for the differently abled students.
    University Health centre
    Communication facilities (Telephone, Intercom, and STD)
    Vehicular parking (Faculty and Student)
    Hostels (Men's & Women’s)
    Concrete Approach Roads and beautiful garden
4. Managing Committee – The Committee comprises of the following members
  i) The Registrar, Alagappa University
  ii) Prof. E.Ramganesh,  Prof. & Head, Department of Education Technology, Bharathidasan University, Trichy.
  iii) Prof. Muthumanickam, Prof & Head, Department of Education,
M.K. University, Madurai.
  iv) Additional Elementary Education Officer, Sakkottai, Sivagangai-Dist.
  v) Head, Department of Education,  Alagappa University, Karaikudi.
  vi) Principal, St. John Paul College of Education, Devakottai, Sivagangai-Dist.
  vii) Principal, Raja Rajan College of Education, Amaravathipudur, Karaikudi, Sivagangai-Dist.
Details of Research Projects
Rs. in Lakhs
1 Dr.S.Mohan Impact and performance of the Correspondence Education Programme 1983 Madurai Kamaraj University  
2 Dr.S.Mohan
Why graduates choose to teach? 1984 Madurai Kamaraj University  
3 Dr.S.Mohan
Working of the Semester system in Madurai Kamaraj University 1985 Madurai Kamaraj University  
4 Dr.S.Mohan Reading habits among the Disadvantaged students of High Schools in and around Karaikudi 1988 Alagappa University  
5 Dr.S.Mohan Difficulties of students in learning spoken English 1989 Alagappa University  
6 Dr.S.Mohan A study of sex stereotyping in Primary School Text books and its impact on the self-concept of girls. 1991 University Grants Commission  
7 Dr.S.Mohan Developing problem solving strategies in Maths among  IX students in Pasumpon Muthuramalinga Thevar District. 1992 National Council of Education Research and Training.  
8 Dr.S.Mohan Combating Drug Abuses among SC/ST illiterates in Kandanoor Panchayat area. 1992 Canara Bank Chair for Rural Development.  
9 Dr.S.Mohan Evaluation of Total literacy campaign in P.M.T.District.   Govt. of Tamil Nadu  
10 Dr.S.Mohan Evaluation of Total literacy campaign in Tirunelveli District.   Govt. of Tamil Nadu.  
11 Dr.S.Mohan Evaluation of Total literacy campaign in Thiruvallur Dt.   Govt. of Tamil Nadu.  
12 Dr.S.Mohan Enriching Environment Education Component in Teacher Education Curriculum.   Govt. of Tamil Nadu.  
13 Dr.P.Prema Attitude of the Teachers towards National Policy on Education 1990 Alagappa University, Karaikudi  
14 Dr.P.Prema “Documentation of Upgrading of Pre-School Education components of the Merged Tamil Nadu Integrated Nutrition Project-1 and Noon-mean Centres in Pasumpon Muthuramalinga Thevar District”. 1992 Department of Social Welfare, Govt. of Tamil Nadu 64,400/-
15 Dr.P.Prema Problems of Food Poisoning in Noon-meal Centres in P.M.T. District. 1993 ICSSR sponsored 9.135/-
16 Dr.P.Prema Care of children (0-3 years) in Disadvantaged condition in P.M.T. District. 1997 Bernard uan Leer Foundation, The Nether-lands 2,00,000/-
17 Dr.P.Prema
“Role-Performance of Special Education Teachers” 1999 Educational Resources Information Centre (ERIC) ERIC-NCERT 1,26,000/-
18 Dr.P.Prema “Prevalence of communal prejudices among University students”   University Grants Commission 5,600
19 Dr.P.Prema Monitoring and Evaluation of Sarva Shiksha Abhyan 2002-2010 Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD) 11,96,400
20 Dr.P.Prema 5% Sample Check Survey in Villupuram, Ramanathapuram, Salem Districts. 2007 SPD, Tamil Nadu (SSA) 38,000/-
21 Dr.P.Prema 5% Sample Check Survey in Virudhunagar Districts. 2008 SPD, Tamil Nadu (SSA) 23,500/-
22 Dr.P.Prema Instructional and Nurturant Eeffects of ABL Approach-In Impact Study in selected Districts in Tamil Nadu.   2008 Govt. of Tamil Nadu 4,80,000/-
23 Dr.P.Prema Enhancing scholastic Achievement of Primary Children with mild mental Retardation Through A Competency Updating Teacher Training Programme for inclusive Education. 2008 SPD, Tamil Nadu (SSA)  
24 Dr.R.Krishnaraj Functioning of Academic  staff college, Bharadhidasan University: An Ethnographic 1989 Bharathidasan University  
25 Dr.R.Krishnaraj Educational conceptions of Periyar. 1989 Bharathidasan University  
26 Dr.R.Krishnaraj
A Study of sex stereotyping in Primary School Text-books and its impact on the self-concepts of Girls. 1991 University Grants Commission  
27 Dr.R.Krishnaraj
Evaluation of Total literacy Campaign, Sivagangai District. 1993 Arivoli Iyakkam Govt. of Tamil Nadu  
28 Dr.R.Krishnaraj
Evaluation of Total literacy Campaign, Thirunelveli District. 1993 Arivoli Iyakkam Govt. of Tamil Nadu  
29 Dr.R.Krishnaraj
Developing Problem solving strategies among High School Students in learning Mathematics. 1995 NCERT  
30 Dr.R.Krishnaraj Psycho-Social Problems of the children of Alcoholic parents 1999 ICSSR (International Council of Social Science Research)  
31 Dr.R.Krishnaraj A study of Technology Acceptance of Farmers in Sakkottai Block. 1997    
32 Dr.R.Krishnaraj Technology Adoption of Framers in Sakkottai Area. 1997 University Grants Commission.  
33 Dr.G.Loganatha Reddy A study of certain Socio-Psychological factors affecting the role performance of Adult/Continuing Education workers. 1969-1997 University Grants Commission, New Delhi.  
34 Dr.G.Loganatha Reddy “Role Performance of Special Education Teachers” 1998-2000 NCERT-ERIC New Delhi  
35 Dr.G.Loganatha Reddy “Awareness Attitude and Competencies Required for Special and Normal School Teachers in Dealing Children with Diabilities”     2003-2004 Ministry of Social justice and Empowerment Govt. of India, New Delhi.  
36 Dr.G.Loganatha Reddy Occupation Strees, Professional Burnout and Job Satisfaction among Special Education Teachers in South India.   Ministry of Social justice and Empowerment Govt. of India, New Delhi.  
37 Dr.P.Paul Devanesan Combating Drug Abuses among SC/ST illiterates in Kandanoor Panchayath area. 1991 CBC RD Karaikudi  
38 Dr.P.Paul Devanesan Completed a Research Projects on Developing problem solving strategies among High School students in learning Maths in P.M.T. District. 1993 ERIC-NCERT New Delhi  
39 Dr.P.Paul Devanesan
Technology Adoption of the Farmers in Agricultural Activities.   U.G.C. New Delhi  
40 Dr.P.Paul Devanesan
Technology Adoption of the Farmers in Agricultural Activities.   U.G.C. New Delhi  
41 Dr.P.Paul Devanesan
Psycho-Social Problem of the Children of Alcoholic Parents.   ICSSR. New Delhi  
42 Dr.P.Paul Devanesan
Human relations, Human rights practices and Human resource utilization in Higher Education Institutions.   U.G.C. New Delhi  
43 Prof.G.Kalaiyarasan Teachers Absenteeism and Students Abseteeism.. in Tamilnadu 2009 SSA TAMIL
44 Prof.G.Kalaiyarasan Evaluation of NPEGEL Progrmme 2010 SSA, TAMIL
45 Prof.G.Kalaiyarasan Shift System in Govt. Colleges of Tamilnadu 2010 Alagappa University  0.60
46 Prof.G.Kalaiyarasan Attitude, Expectation and problems in ALM Approach 2010 Alagappa University  0.20
47 Prof.G.Kalaiyarasan Attitude, Expectation and problems of Teachers 2012 Alagappa University 0.20
48 Prof.G.Kalaiyarasan UDISE 5%Sample Check Of Ramanathapuram District, 2016 SSA –SPD Tamil Nadu, Chennai   0.86
49 Dr.R.Ramnath Creating Awareness on Nutrition of Tamil Nadu Noon-Meal scheme among Upper Primary students   Directorate of Teacher Education Research and Training, Chennai. Govt. of Tamil Nadu    
50 Dr.R.Ramnath Developing Retaining Capacity of Binomial Names among Upper Primary students Through Role Play Strategy.   DTERT, Chennai. Govt. of Tamil Nadu  
51 Dr.R.Ramnath
Instructional and Nuturant effect of Activity Based Learning (ABL) An impact study 2009 MHRD, New Delhi Rs. 4.51 lakhs
52 Dr.R.Ramnath
Teacher absenteeism and student absenteeism in Primary and Upper Primary Schools of TamilNadu (Sivagangai, Virudhunagar and Thirunelvel). 2010 SSA –SPD TamilNadu, Chennai Rs. 3.41 lakhs
53 Dr.R.Ramnath
Evaluation of National Programme of girls at Elementary level (NPGEL) in Tamil Nadu (Dharmapuri, Erode and Villupuram) 2011 SSA –SPD TamilNadu, Chennai Rs. 3.33 Lakhs
54 Dr.R.Ramnath
(Principal Investigator)
Shift System on the total development of the students at college level –An impact study. 2013 AURF, Alagappa University Karaikudi Rs.0.60 lakhs
55 Dr.R.Ramnath
Co –Investigator
Attitude, Interest and Problems of the teachers in implementing ALM in Tamil Nadu 2013 AURF, Alagappa University Karaikudi Rs. 0.30 lakhs
56 Dr.R.Ramnath
Co –Investigator
DISE 5% sample check of Krishnagiri District   SSA –SPD TamilNadu, Chennai 0.60 lakhs
57 Dr.R.Ramnath
Co –Investigator
DISE 5% Sample Check Cuddalore District   SSA –SPD TamilNadu, Chennai 0.60lakhs
58 Dr.R.Ramnath
Co –Investigator
DISE 5% Sample Check of Theni District   SSA –SPD TamilNadu, Chennai 0.60 lakhs
59 Dr.R.Ramnath
(Principal Investigator)
UDISE 5%Sample Check Of Salem and Ramanathapuram Districts   SSA –SPD TamilNadu, Chennai 1.694 lakhs
60 Dr.R.Ramnath
(Principal Investigator)
Quality Interventions in RSTCs and NRSTCs  in The Nilgiris,Coimbatore,Thiruvallur and Tiruvannamalai Districts   SSA –SPD TamilNadu, Chennai, 1.617lakhs 1.617 lakhs
1 Prof.G.Kalaiyarasan Availability and Utilization of Education Facilities by the Special Teachers for the Children with Special needs 2017; Alagappa University 25,000/-
2. Dr.R.Ramnath “Altruism in relation to Personality types of Secondary level Teacher Trainees of Tamilnadu” 2017 Alagappa University 25,000/-
3. Dr.K.Govindarajan “Attitude, Competency in ICT and Job Satisfaction of Secondary School Teachers” 2017 Alagappa University 25,000/-
4. Dr.A.CatherinJayanthy “Effectiveness of Teaching Competency based self-Instructional module for the Development of Professional Competencies Among Prospective Teachers to Handle Children with Special” 2017 Alagappa University 25,000/-
5. Dr.N.Sasikumar “Personality Traits and Interpersonal  Conflicts Among Adolescents of Gulf of MannarReegion” 2017 Alagappa University 25,000/-
6. Dr.M.Mahendraprabu “Social Intelligence and Mental Health in Relation to the Environmental Values Among the Students of East Coast Region” 2017 Alagappa University 25,000/-
Student's achievements
S. No. Reg. No. Name Exam(s) Qualified
1 0883 S.Muthulakshmi UGC
2 0882 A.Chinnathai SET
3 0881 A.Kamalaveni SET
4 1161 R.Udhaya Mohan Babu SET
Details of Fellowships being availed by the Research Scholars/Project Staff
S. No. Name Reg. No. Fellowship
Ph. D. Awardees M. Ed.,  Gold Medalists
Name Year of passing Name Year of passing
Thangavel D 20.09.92 A.Shamila Banu April 2012
Savadamuthu T 18.09.93 J.Sarulatha April 2013
Karpaga Kumaravel R 21.01.95 P.Sowmiya April 2014
Rajagopal T 21.08.95 V.Muthu Suganya April 2015
Herbert Baskaran 27.11.95    
Balakrishnaveni D 30.12.95 M. Phil.,  Gold Medalists
Mathew M Anjalivelil 29.01.96 M. Agni June 2012
Sudarkodi S 27.07.96 J.Mutharasi June 2013
Puravi K 25.04.98 S.Pradeepa July 2014
Dhanasekaran G 30.05.98 M.Punniya Kumari July 2015
Kannan V.S.S. 31.07.98 A.Elavarasi June 2016
Arul Prakasan Y 07.11.98 J.Sarulatha April 2013
Rajaguru S 05.03.99 P.Sowmiya April 2014
Sasikala R 06.03.99    
Saminathan B 06.03.99    
Balasubramanian R 06.03.99    
Ramar R 15.09.99    
John O.T. 19.11.99    
Antonisamy M 19.12.99    
Sivakumar P 10.08.2000    
Jayaraman K 26.07.2001    
Selvarani S 27.07.2001    
Vembu A 31.08.2001    
Pandian N 07.09.2001    
Mangalamurugesan N.K. 20.09.2001    
Maria Teresammal A 26.09.2001    
Porgio G 22.10.2001    
Alphonse Raj M 5.11.2001    
Kamini Devi M 9.11.2001    
Perumalsamy P 30.11.2001    
Bagavathiyappan P 07.12.2001    
Chandrasekaran S 10.12.2001    
Kalaiyarasan G 08.02.2002    
Kumarappan S 11.02.2002    
Ganesan A 11.02.2002    
Jeevanantham M 20.03.2002    
Muthukumar B 05.07.2002    
Palaniyandi R 05.07.2002    
Thoraya Farghaly Kamel 24.07.2002    
Ramesh S 20.08.2002    
Raj Mohan C 21.08.2002    
Sivakami R 23.10.2002    
Arunachalam S 01.11.2002    
Chellamani K 01.11.2002    
Panchalan K 20.12.2002    
Dhandapani R 20.12.2002    
Solayan M 10.01.2003    
Chellammal M 04.03.2003    
Chezian G 05.03.2003    
Thilagarani Stevens 27.03.2003    
Jayaraman P 09.05.2003    
Shanthi S 25.07.2003    
Rajendran K.K. 01.10.2003    
Paul Devanesan P 28.10.2003    
Shanmugasundaram K 31.10.2003    
Elangovan K 31.10.2003    
Paramasivam S 31.10.2003    
Kusuma Harinath P 06.02.2004    
Sherine Vinoca Snehalatha C 26.03.2004    
Umarani S 26.03.2004    
Narayanasami R 20.04.2004    
Sujathamalini J 29.04.2004    
Rajammal R 07.05.2004    
Venkatasamy S 11.06.2004    
Vasantha C.R. 16.07.2004    
Jawahar D 21.07.2004    
Ramganesh E 23.07.2004    
Jothikani N 23.07.2004    
Rajaraman A 09.08.2004    
Malaikkani S 13.08.2004    
Anbalagan G 18.08.2004    
Solachi T 15.09.2004    
Justine S 04.10.2004    
Shyamala V 26.11.2004    
Balamurugan K 10.12.2004    
Sathiyamurthy R 16.12.2004    
Mahendran P 20.12.2004    
Ramakrishnan K.S. 04.01.2005    
Jesmin Jeyakar 04.01.2005    
Santhakumari P 10.01.2005    
Jayaprabha R 12.01.2005    
Stanislaus A 17.01.2005    
Kamala S 24.01.2005    
Rajakumari AJA. 08.03.2005    
Beryl R.S.Rani 15.04.2005    
Arunachalam N 02.05.2005    
Senthilnathan 05.05.2005    
William Dharma Raja B 08.07.2005    
Ramakrishnan A 27.07.2005    
Adaikalavan C.T. 27.07.2005    
Rajan P.K. 28.07.2005    
Johitha Begam A 28.07.2005    
Philomn Mary 03.08.2005    
Selvan A 24.08.2005    
Antony Selvadoss Thanamani 17.09.2005    
Mahesh Chandra Kandpal 30.11.2005    
Srinivasan T.R. 14.12.2005    
Nagammai A 17.12.2005    
Ragunathan M 03.04.2006    
Anushya Sathiyaseelan 04.04.2006    
Latha Isabel M 28.04.2006    
Raja Soundara Pandian S 09.05.2006    
Chandralekha Rao G 19.05.2006    
Samuel Koil Pillai P 26.05.2006    
Ponnambalam L 16.06.2006    
Gunasekaran K 28.08.2006    
Bhawani Ramachandran 28.08.2006    
Jamal Nassar M 19.9.2006    
Arulsamy S 25.9.2006    
Mani S 16.10.2006    
Rajkumar M 24.11.2006    
Jeyasala VR 15.12.06    
Baskaran D 26.12.06    
Anbuchezhian M 26.12.06    
Christie Doss I 08.01.07    
Prem Athipen C 13.01.07    
Subburaj V 02.02.07    
Baskaran N 05.02.07    
Dawood Shah S 12.04.07    
Sundararajan K 19.04.07    
Nithila Devakarunyam P 31.05.07    
Jayakodi Chandramohan T 07.06.07    
Jailakumari G 13.06.07    
Rajeswari M 13.06.07    
Vijaya E 27.06.07    
Davamani Christober M 28.07.07    
Saravanakumar AR 16.11.07    
Srinivasan V 16.11.07    
Swamydoss P 07.01.2008    
Nagalakshmi P 11.01.2008    
Suneela Shyam V.M. 11.01.2008    
Savithiri V 18.02.2008    
Edward William Benjamin A 22.03.2008    
Thalaimalai R 25.03.2008    
Balu A 25.03.2008    
Golda Grena Rajathi P 15.04.2008    
Manulal G 21.04.2008    
Jayabharathi M 30.04.2008    
Sheela Rani M.P. 14.05.2008    
Josephine Saleth Mary 30.05.2008    
Bensam W 09.06.2008    
Rajeevan 09.06.2008    
Subha S 24.06.2008    
Anbumani G 09.07.2008    
Parvathi R 09.07.2008    
Ravi Sundaraba Bharathy P 18.07.2008    
Baby Vijila R 15.09.2008    
Parimala Fathima M 19.09.2008    
Swaminathan R 19.09.2008    
Rajakumar N 27.09.2008    
Devanandan K.V. 30.09.2008    
Lakshmi R 30.09.2008    
Jayaraman S 24.10.2008    
Usharani V 08.11.2008    
Jeyaprakash K 22.12.2008    
Baskaran D 11.02.2009    
Djeassilane N 13.02.2009    
Ibrahim C 21.02.2009    
Anbuchelvan M 03.04.2009    
Rajendran T 15.04.2009    
Ramadas A 11.07.2009    
Bhuvaneswari S 11.07.2009    
Srinivasan T 31.10.2009    
Malarvizhi S 01.12.2009    
Subramaniam N 05.12.2009    
Somasundaram G 18.12.2009    
Sasikala Kugamoorthy 12.01.2010    
Thirunavukkarasu E 22.01.2010    
Ananda Kumar K P 11.03.2010    
Geetha K Nair 26.03.2010    
Mohammed Hussain T 03.04.2010    
Abbas 03.04.2010    
Mani P 24.04.2010    
Anbu K 19.05.2010    
Sarada K S 28.05.2010    
Narasimhan K 28.05.2010    
Govindarajan K 29.05.2010    
Amarnath Sethupathy K 22.06.2010    
Shammem Akthar S 02.07.2010    
Sayed Mohamed Khalanthar 23.07.2010    
Vijayakumar M P 23.07.2010    
Eugine Michael P 13.08.2010    
Kavitha Madhusudan 27.08.2010    
Ebenezer Samraj J 07.10.2010    
Rajeena A 09.10.2010    
Mohan Sadasivan 22.10.2010    
Sashikala Balasubramanian 22.10.2010    
Bavani R 27.11.2010    
Rajarajeswari N 30.11.2010    
Sathurappasamy G 11.12.2010    
Ananthi A 19.01.2011    
Geetha R 28.01.2011    
Manohar A 19.03.2011    
Joseph Chacko M.C.Joseph 23.05.2011    
Bruno D Nazareth 10.06.2011    
Sulochana R 15.07.2011    
Vasanthi R 15.07.2011    
Paramasivan S 16.07.2011    
Jerald Antony Raj A.L. 19.07.2011    
Abraham Y 21.07.2011    
Annie Theresa 16.08.2011    
Joshith V.P. 28.09.2011    
Gopal R 10.10.2011    
Balaji P.S. 13.10.2011    
Seenichamy R 28.10.2011    
Karamvir Singh 01.11.2011    
Joicey P.Manickam 05.01.2012    
Baskaran P 09.01.2012    
Priya M.R.C. 10.01.2012    
Kusumal P 12.01.2012    
Abdul Hameed Muktar Mahal 28.01.2012    
Deepa S 03.02.2012    
Sundaram N 14.02.2012    
Muthusamy P 28.02.2012    
Saroja Devi S 09.03.2012    
Moorthy S 14.03.2012    
Sivakumar D 16.04.2012    
Sasikala K.R. 16.04.2012    
Brindha S 27.04.2012    
Karthikeyan P 03.07.2012    
Raghi P.Nair 03.07.2012    
Jaisankar C 16.07.2012    
Krishnaraju J 23.07.2012    
Kayalvizhi M 21.08.2012    
Thankachan T.C. 07.09.2012    
Karuppasamy A 07.09.2012    
Kumar Kirubagara Doss S 13.09.2012    
Periasamy K 14.09.2012    
Kamali Imayavaramban T V 14.09.2012    
Baby John T 15.11.2012    
Mary Caroline J 27.11.2012    
Bindu David 07.01.2013    
Gracy A 28.01.2013    
Bharathi M 14.03.2013    
Vijayan A 15.03.2013    
Periyasamy S 01.04.2013    
Muthumari V 08.04.2013    
Rathinam A 19.04.2013    
Sekar K 19.04.2013    
Vijayalakshmi N 16.05.2013    
Rosari P 21.05.2013    
Jawahar Benjamin N 17.07.2013    
Gomathi Sankar M 31.07.2013    
Jenny Frank Rose A 02.08.2013    
Ramakrishna S 16.08.2013    
Shantharam S 16.08.2013    
Thambidorai M 22.08.2013    
Muthuraj A 03.09.2013    
Stanislas M 16.09.2013    
Auxilia Velankanni Metilda 27.09.2013    
Rajasekaran K 18.10.2013    
Alli A 30.10.2013    
Senthilvel Murugan S 23.12.2013    
Bhaskar K 21.03.2014    
Sivakumar B 21.03.2014    
Nazar G 23.06.2014    
Pushpamma C Vadakel 18.07.2014    
Vijayan J 21.07.2014    
Ramnath R 25.07.2014    
Uma Alias Seetha R 01.08.2014    
Karthigai Selvi K.R. 14.08.2014    
Daphine R 26.08.2014    
Gnana Sekar M 29.09.2014    
Justin Antony S 03.11.2014    
Sekar R 24.11.2014    
Bagdhavachalaperumal R 28.11.2014    
Jayanthi S 30.01.2015    
Seethalakshmi S 17.04.2015    
Srinivasan S 22.05.2015    
Prabavathy M 31.07.2015    
A.Mariasagayam 28.08.15    
M.Kavitha 19.10.15    
S.Gowrie 28.10.15    
A.John Kennedy Alexander 30.10.15    
Thomas R 03.11.15    
Abiramasundari S 14.11.15    
Ms.P.Geetharani 12.03.2016    
Mr.S.Ravindiran 08.07.2016    
Mr.T.Ravichandran 18.07.2016    
Mr.Abdul Majeed Jazeel 22.07.2016    
Ms.R.Kanmani 09.08.2016    
Mr.A.Kanaharaj 11.08.2016    
Mr. Hemantharaju S N 31.08.2016    
Mr.S.Subramanian 04.10.2016    
Ms.J.Lilian Getzie 07.10.2016    

Former Vice-Chancellor, M K University


Correspondent, SriVidyaGiri Group of Institutions.


Former MP, Full-time Politician


(Former Director, SSA ), Vice Chairman, SRC


Government of India


Former Director, DSC, Govt. of Tamilnadu


Director, School Education, Tamilnadu


Former Registrar, Alagapppa University


Dean,Alagappa University

S.No Name Course of Studied Year of Studied Occupation Address for Communication
1 L. Anjalai M.Ed., 2008-2009 Teacher L. Anjalai Melamuthukadu Cauvery Nagar Post, Kulathur TK, PDKT-622501
2 R.Umamaheswari B.Ed., 2011-2012   T-3, CECRI Quarters, CECRI, Karikudi-6
3 C.Shenbagavalli B.Ed., 2011-2012 House Wife W/o. K.Chockalingam, 2/762A, Thanthai Periyar Nagar 5ths Street West.
4 Dr.P.Muthusamy Ph.D 2005-2006 Scholar Munasandai, Perungudi Post, Thirumaya TK, Pudukkottai Dt 622506.
5 K.Ratha B.Ed., 2011-2012 Teacher-Private Peyanpatti O.Siruvayal, Karaikudi Tk
6 V.Velumani B.Ed., M.Ed., 1990-91, 1991-92 B.T. Assistant 31, Kodeeswar Nagar, O.Siruvayal Road, Kalanivasal, Karaikudi-630002.
7 A.Annadurai B.Ed 1990-1991 Supervisor-Tasmac 2.7-16B2 Sivakamil Illam, Kanpa Nagar, Sethuramasamy Pillais Street, Tiruppathur.
8 P.Thenmozhi B.Ed., 2012 Clerical Assistant D.No.3/271A, 5th Street, Vairavapuram, Karaikudi.
9 Dr.A.Muthuraj Ph.D 2011-12 Rtd. P.G.T in English 14-A/5 4th Street, T.Pudur, Sivagangia Post 630652
10 K.Vijayakumar B.Ed., 2014-15 Teacher Srirengagoundanur, Sithwarpatty Post, Vedsandur TK, Dindigul Dt 624801.
11 A. Rose Pauline B.Ed., 2014-2016 Teacher Plot No.4, Pappu Illam, Ezhil Nagar, Arumuga Samikovi Road, Kottaiyur, Karaikudi.
12 J.Kavitha B.Ed., 2014-2016 Teacher No.6, III Cross, New Raja Colony, Beemanagar, Trichy-01.
13 KM.Vijaya B.Ed., 2014-2016 Teacher KM.Vijaya Teacher, II-B; Block. Reliance Garden, Ashok Nagar Near, Karaikudi.
14 Dr.M.Chellammal M.Phil., Ph.D., 1992-1994, 2003 Assistant Professor 7-3/9 Sundarer Street, Sriram Nagar, Kottaiyur 630106.
15 Dr.S.Abiramasundari Ph.D 2009-2015 Principal 36, Vanappattarai Street, Teppakulam, Trichy 620002.
16 M.Pandi   2014-2015 Teacher S/o.V.Muthaiah, Melachirumanickam Post, Peraiyur TK, Madurai Dist. 
17 S.Pothumponnu B.Ed., 2014-2016 Teacher 389A, Syoz Nagar
18 J.Vijayan Ph.D 2014 Secretary 28/4, T.V.K.Street, Thilagar Nagar, Karaikudi 630002.
19 I. Lenin M.Phil.,  2011-2012 Assistant Professor 91/5W, South St, Kottur Post, Theni Dist, 625534.
20 Dr.M.Sanmuga Revathi B.Ed., M.Ed., M.Phil., 2004-05, 2005-06, 2007-08 Assistant Professor Asst. Professor in Education, Alagappa University College of Education, Karaikudi.
21 A.Catherin Jayanthy M.Ed.,M.Phil., Ph.D., 1999, 2000, 2014 Assistant Professor 592, Dafney Mansion, Malligai Street, Soodamanipuram Karaikudi.
22 G.Shanmuga Priya B.Ed., 2014-2016 Teacher G4, Bharathi Apartments, Subramaniyapuram 5th Street, Nort Extension, Karaikudi.
23 K.Sundaravlli B.Ed., M.Ed., 2006-07, 2007-08 Assistant Professor 7, Surya Illam, Subramaniyapuram, 6th Street, North Extn, Karaikudi.
24 N.Ushanandhini B.Ed., 2013-2014 House Wife No.N.2, Cecri Campus, Cecri Campus, Karaikudi-638003.
25 C.Senbakaraj M.Ed., 2013-2014 Computer Laboratory Asst. Dept. of Women's Studies, Alagappa University, Karaikudi.
26 M.Sri Saradha M.Ed., 2013-2014 Teacher 1/1W, Janaki Illam, Chokkalingapuram, Madagupatti.
27 B.Sathish B.Ed., 2007-2008 Teacher 206, East Street, Koothakudi, Thirunilakudi Post, Thiruvidaimarudur TK, 612101.
28 Dr.R.Gopal Ph.D 2006-2010 Teacher Educator 65-VII Cross St, Health Employees Colony,  Puduchery 605004.
29 Abira Peumal M.Ed., 2013-2014 P.G.Teacher 2/948, Vinayagar Nagar, Kallal, Sivagangai Dist.
30 Dr.D.Baskaran M.Ed., Ph.D., 2003-2007 Assistant Professor Directorate of Distance Education Alagappa University, Karaikudi.
31 Dr.S.Paramasivan M.Phil., Ph.D., 2006, 2011 Teacher No.6, Shesheyee Nagar, Karthick Nivas, Near Wirllem KKNagar, Trichy-21.
32 A. Alli Ph.D 2008-2011 Block Resource Teacher Educator (SSA) 20.B7, Indiranagar Extension, Thuraiyur, Trichy Dist-621010.
33 Dr.K.Puravi Ph.D 1996 College Librarian (Rtd) Dr.K.Puravi, Chairman, V.S.K. College of Education, Pulivalam, Thirumayam TK, Pudukkottai Dt. 622507.
34 Dr.V.Muthumari Ph.D 2013 Teaching No.22, Subramaniyapuram, 7ths St., North Extension, Karaikudi.
35 T.Poongothai Priya M.Ed., 2009-2010 P.G. Assistant 187, Selvi Amman Kovil Street, Mudukulathur, Ramanathapuram Dist, 623704
36 Dr.A.Edward William Benjamin Ph.D 2005-2007 Associate Professor Dept. of Education, CDE, Bharathidasan University, Tiruchy 620024.
37 P.Alagu Pandi B.Ed., 2014-2015   4/242, Alagampatty, Jambuthuraikottai Post, Nilakkottai TK, Dindigul.
38 RM.Kalyana Sundaram M.Phil., Ph.D., 2005-06 Teacher D-7, Reliance Garden, Kalanivasal Post, Karaikudi.
39 U.Murali B.Ed., M.Ed., 2010-2011 BT. Assistant 2-17A, Kulamangalam Post, Nachandupatti Via, Thirumayam TK, Pudukkottai-622404.
40 Dr.A.Jahitha Begum M.Phi., Ph.D., 1993-95, 2000-2004 Professor Dept. of Education Gandhigram Rural Institution , Gandhigram, Dindigul.
41 Dr.T.Solachi M.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D., 1984-85, 1991-93, 2003 Principal  4, Koviloor St, Karaikudi 630001.
42 Dr.I.Muthuchamy M.Phil., 1990-91 Professor Dept. of Educational Technology , Bharathidasan University, Khajamalai Campus, Tiruchy-620023.
43 V.S.S. Kannan B.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D., 1976-77, 1986, 1998 Rtd. From University Service Bharathi Illam, 101, 1 Stree, Muthuppattanam, Karaikudi-630001.
44 P.Sakthi M.Ed., M.Ph., 2014-15, 2015-16 -- S/O.Periyasamy, 3183, Thennavanoor, Ettivayal Post, Paramakudi T.K. Ramnad Dist.
45 J.Selvendran B.Ed., 2003-2004 B.T. Assistant 39/2A, Periyar Nagar, Madakkulam, Madurai-625003.
46 SP.Palanivelu B.Ed., M.Phi., 1964-65, 1991-92 Rtd., Headmaster 29, Alagappa Ambalam St., Kalanivasal, Karaikudi-630002
47 X.Arockia Anita M.Ed., 2014-2015 Research Scholar 3/378-A, Kinsy Illam, Vairavapuram 5th Stree, Karaikudi.
48 K.Paripooranam B.Ed., 1995-1996 P.G.Assistant 10, Shree Paripooranam Bhavanam, Yegappa Chettiar St, Kallukatti, Karaikudi.
49 M.Malairaj B.Ed., 1990 Teacher Saveriyar nagar, D.D.Main Road, R.S.Mangalam-623525.
50 P.Natarajan M.Ed., 2014-2015 Teacher S/O.Poolan, Paralai-Village, Parthipanoor Post, Ramnadu- Dist.
51 Dr.S.Shantharam M.Phil., Ph.D., 2014 Teacher Dr.S.Subramanian, Door.No.200, Brindavan Extension, 1st stage, mysore -570020.
52 Dr.P.Bagavathiappan Ph.D 2001 Rtd-Teacher 3/158, Rajagopalapuram, P.Alagapuri.
53 P.Krishnaveni   2014-2016 Teacher Uppuppattai, Kadaiyakudi Post, Pudukkottai.
54 R.Udhaya Mohan Babu M.Ed., 2013-2014 Ph.D Scholar 3/231, Soorankattuvalasai, Kadukkaivalasai Post, Ramanathapuram
55 Dr.N.Arunachalam M.Phil., Ph.D., 1991, 1993 Professor Dept. of Life Long Learning, Alagappa University, Karaikudi.
56 Dr.A.Ganesan Ph.D   Principal Raji Illam, 16-NGGO Colongy, Annanagar, Devakottai-630302.
57 D.Muniyappan M.Ed., 2007-2008 BLock Resource Teacher Educator  No.7. Surya Illam, Subramaniyapuram, 6th Street, Nort Extn, Karaikudi. 630002.
58 A.S.Kannan M.Ed., M.Phil.,  2005-06, 2007-08 Principal 4/142, Sourth Anaikuttam, Vertilaiurani Post, Thailpatti (Via).
59 S.Subramanian Ph.D 2015-16 Teacher No.29, Perumal Street, Muthuppattinam 3rd Street, Karaikudi.
60 K.Punitha M.Ed., 2011   24/4 Anjareyar Nagar, O.Siruvayal Road, Kalanivasal, Karaikudi.
61 S.Sumithra M.Ed., Ph.D., 2007-08, 2013-17 Assistant Professor No.A6 Alagappa university, Staff Quarters, Alagappapuram, Karaikudi-3.
62 T.Karuppuchamy M.Ed., 2007-2008 Teacher 1/86, Sourth Street, Poolampatti Post, Palani TK, Dindigul Dist 624613.
63 Dr.N.Sasikumar M.Ed., 2007-2008 Assistant Professor 1/85, Melakidaram Post, Sikkal Via, Ramanathapuram Dist, 623528.
64 R.Sumathi M.Ed., 2009-2010 Teacher No.7.Muthuramalinga Devar Nagar, Railway Road, Karaikudi.
65 M.Guna M.Ed., 20113-2014   3/845 West Bharathi Nagar, Murugan Kovil Street, Paramakudi, Ramand Dist.
66 U.Nakesh M.Ed., 2011-2012 Assistant Professor S/o.Udaiyappan, Monnani Kannankudi Post, Devakottai Tk, Sivagangai Dist.
67 V.Ramesh M.Ed., M.Phil 2010-2011, 2011-2011 Assistant Professor S/o.S.Veeramuthu, Mangalanadu West Post, Aranthangi TK, Pudukkottai Dist. 614805.
68 Dr.G.Kalaiyarasan Ph.D 1996-2000 Professor & Head i/c 3/609, 9th St, North Extn, Subramaniapuram, karaikudi.
69 K.Muthusamy M.Ed., M.Phil 2007-2008 Alagappa Polytechnic Hostel Warden 24/4, Anjaneyar Nagar, O.Siruvayal Road, Kalanivasal, Karaikudi.
70 Dr.S.Ganesan   1996 Principal i/c Ramasamy Tamil College, Alagappapuram Post, Iluppakudi Road, Karaikudi 
71 S.Bharathi   2004-2006 Senior Lecturer Plot.No.4, Raja Nagar Extn, Bikshandar Kovil Post, No:1Tolgate, Trichy Dist.
72 S.Vijayakumar M.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D., 2005-06, 2006, Doing Lecturer 841, Kaliyamman Kovil Street, Kandiyur Post, Thiruvaiyaru TK, Thanjavur Dist. 613202.
73 E.Ananthan M.Ed., 2005-2006 Self Employed S/O. P.Eswaran, 2/7-A.K.K.Pudur, Oddancharam TK.  Dindigul Dist 624619.
74 M.Saraswathi M.Ed., M.Phil 2010-2011, 2011-2012 Teacher 3/31, Kalamandiram St, Kandanur.
75 A.Elavarasi M.Ed., M.Phil 2014-15, 2015-16 Assistant Professor Plot.No.31, Kokiladevi Illam, Transports Nagar 5th Street, Kalanivasal, karaikudi.
76 R.Kalaivani M.Phil 2013 BT. Assistant 19/1 Jeeva Illam, Muthuramalinga Devar Nagar, Vivekananada Street, Karaikudi-1.
77 S.Muthulakshmi Ph.D 2014 Scholar 22, Subramaniapuram 4th Street, Sourth Extension, Karaikudi 630002.
78 S.Pazhanimurugan M.Ed., 2009-2010 Assistant Professor Nort Street, Pattamangalam Post, Thiruppathur TK, Sivagngai Dist. 630204.
79 A.Seemaichamy M.Ed., M.Phil 1999-2000, 2006-2007 B.T. Assistant 2/1021 Nethaji Street, 6th Thanthai Periyar Nagar, Karaikudi.
80 Dr.K.Gunasekaran M.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D., 2002-2006 Assistant Professor 2/1018, Swathi Illam, Thanthai Periyar Nagar, 6th Street, Karaikudi.
81 Dr.G.Nazar Ph.D 2014 P.G.Teacher 48, Valluvar 3rd Street, Ranjithapuram, Subramaniapuram, Trichy
82 K.Sathyaraj M.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D., 2013-17 Ph.D Scholar D/No.17/325, A2, M.M.Street, Kodaikanal, Dindigul Dist.
83 K.Kalyanasundaram M.Ed., 2012-2013 P.G. Assistant Keelakavanoor, Gopalapattinam Post, Nainarkovil via, Ramnad Dist.
84 V.Devi M.Ed., M.Phil 2004-2005 Teacher 86/1, Soodamanipuram North Sivam Woods apstair, 100 feet Road, Karaikudi.
85 M.Arivalagan M.Ed., 2010-2012 Ph.D Scholar S/O.A.Maruthaiya, 6/111-South Street, Rettiyapatti Post, Nilakkottai TK, Dindigul Dist 624202.
86 R.Venkatakrishnan B.T., 1956-57 Rtd-Headmaster 25, Manirangapuram, Sivaganga 630561.
87 R.Chitra M.Ed., Ph.D., 2009-10, 2011-16 Assistant Professor 2/1151, Thanthai periyar Nagar 7th St, Burma Colony, Karaikudi.
88 P.Nivethitha   2014-2016 Teacher D/O.K.Palanisami, 509, Palavakkam, Vallathirakottai Post, Alangudi TK< Pudukottai Dist 622-303.
89 P.Mahalingam M.Ed., 2017-18 P.G.Teacher 2/77, Kalabam Post, Avudaiyarkovil TK, Pudukkottai Dist. 614629.
90 S.Chandrasekaran M.Phil., Ph.D.,   Rtd.- Associate Professor 1, Pillayar Koil St (N), Sekkalai, Karaikudi-2.
91 R.Kohila Devi M.Ed., 2006-2007 Assistant Professor 1/37, Erkuddi Achampathu, Nagamalai post, Madurai-625019.
92 S.Mani M.Ed., 2012-2013 Advocate  Veeramathi -630212
93 M.Usharani M.Phil.,  2005 P.G.Assistant No.8, Anbu Illam, Muthu Nagar, Alagappapuram, Karaikudi-3.
94 Dr.M.Anbuchezhian Ph.D 2005-2007 Principal i/c Dr.M.Anbuchezhian Ph.D., Principal i/c. Govt. College of Education, Pudukkottai.
95 M.Vanisree M.Ed 2013-14 Student 7-15/21,Elango street,Sri Ram nagar,Kottaiyur,Karaikudi.
96 Dr.B.Saminathan Ph.D Mar-99 Assistant Professor Assistant Professor,Department of Education,Bharathidasan university,Trichy-24
97 K.Vedhambal B.Ed,M,Phil 1995-96,2011 P.G Assistant 1946,N.G.O colony, Kalanivasal, Karaikudi
98 G,Parameshwari  B.Ed 1995-1996 B.T Assistant 23,Subramaniyapuram,north ext,7th street, Karaikudi
99 KR.Uma periyanayaki M.Ed,M.Phil 1996-2003,2003 Teacher(P.G.Asst) 3/11,Sivan kovil north street, Karaikudi.
100 P.T.Shanmuga Sundari Ph.D 2013-17 P.G Assistant 14,Sundara nivas,vallal Alagappa street,Navarathina nagar, Karaikudi.
101 Dr.S.Herbert baskaran M.Phil,Ph.d  1987-89,1991-1995 Rtd.Prof EVG green villa,53-1,kalanjiyam st,pallathur-630107
102 M.Mani B.Ed,M.Ed,M.Phil 2013-2016,Victory college of education,Dindigul S/oP.Mookaiah,1/136, Kanniyapuram, Vembarpatti via ,Dindigul-624308
103 Dr.A.Vijayan Ph.D 2006-2011 Trained Graduate Teacher E-16,Thiyagumudaliyarnagar, O.k.playam,Mudaliyarpet,Puducheri-605004
104 Dr.S.Moorthy M.Phil,Ph.d 2005-06,2006-2010 Asst.Project Officer,Sarva Shiksha Abiyan,Villupuram 11.Kollidam street, East Shanmugapuram,Villupuram-605602
105 M.Kanagaraj M.Ed 2013-14 Teacher 2/401,North Street, Periyar, Kamuthi
106 Dr. Parimala Fathima M.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D 2006-2008 Assitant Professor Assistant Professor, Alagappa University College of Education Karaikudi
107 Dr. K. Govindarjan Ph.D 2006-2010 Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Department of Education Alagappa University
108 G. Samidoss M.Ed 2013-2014 Teacher 1/211A Kaliyur , Paramakudi, Ramanathapuram 623712
109 R.T.R M urugesan Ph.D 2014-2017 PGAssistant Palani Chettiar Street , Pattiveeranpatti 624211 Dindigul
110 K. Gopinath M.Phil  2015-16 ResearchScholar 3/115 K. Kadaneri T. Kallupatti
111 K. Jagathambal M.Phil 2006-2007 Teacher 905 Subramanian Illam Navarathna Nagar Ist st. Karaikudi
112 R.Komalavalli M.Ed 2009-2010 Lecturer 39 Church 4th street, TT Nagar Karaikudi
113 S. Selvakumar M.Ed 2015-16 Research Scholar 29, Periyar Nagar Ganeshapuram Karakudi
114 M. Neethi Prumal M.ED 2010-11 Teaching Assistant Vallar Street, Thiruvetriyru Thiurvadanai Ramanathapuram
115 K.R.Kalaivani M.Ed 2013-2014 School Teacher East street,Vadakudi.
116  E.Sankar M.Phil 2009-2012 Health Department No.36/2, Kottaiyur Road, Near water tank, Karaikudi.
117 Arangasamy Ph.D 2016    
  • To promote scientific temper among the students.
  • To disseminate the importance of science discovery and invention to the society.
  • To promote the science related activities which enhance the level of science in the nation.
Coordinator Dr.A.Catherin Jayanthy
President K. Sathyaraj
Secretary P. Revathy
Joint Secretary R. Sathya Bama

  • To make the students sensitize the importance of the environmental protection and values.
  • To make the students and organization maintain the campus green and clean.
  • To make the environment of the stakeholders eco-friendly.
  • To promote the culture of the presentation of the nature in the society.
Coordinator Dr.M.Mahendraprabu
President E.Selvabarathi
Secretary G.Saraswathi
Joint Secretary P.Nagooran

  • To make the student teachers meticulously care about their body and health.
  • To sensitize the importance of hygiene for the healthy living among the students and their family.
  • To develop awareness on the role of health and hygiene for the hornonions living.
Coordinator Dr.N.Sasikumar
President M.Ezhilarasan
Secretary P.Lakshmi
Joint Secretary T.Anitha

  • To bring out the special talents of the students.
  • To promote the particular special and peculiar talents of the students through the cultural events.
  • To preserve the culture and heritage of our nation through the cultural events.
Coordinator Dr.R.Ramnath
President K. Vijayapradeepa
Secretary A. Punitha
Joint Secretary R. Sathya Bama

  • To make the students excel in preparing article and publishing them in the journals.
  • To make the students and schools sensitize the importance of publication to the development of individual and institution.
  • To improve the research temper attitude, aptitude and caliber among the students and scholars.
Coordinator Dr.R.Ramnath
President R.Udhaya Mohan Babu
Secretary K.Thilagavalli
Joint Secretary R.Kalairaja

  • To make the students feel their responsibility in improving literacy of the society.
  • To conduct various literacy programme to promote literacy and literate generation for the better society.
  • To bring out the information from the different sources to the needy people.
Coordinator Dr.K.Govindarajan
President M. Suriyakumari
Secretary K. Jeyakumari
Joint Secretary S. Floral Jeya

  • To cultivate the leadership and organizing skills among the student teachers.
  • To make the students organize programme themselves.
  • To indicate the importance of the celebration of various programmes in educational institutions.
Coordinator Prof.G.Kalaiyarasan
President T. Anitha
Secretary N. Thilageswari
Joint Secretary P. Prabakaran

  • To prepare news on the programme and events of the department on time for publication in Azhagu news.
Coordinator Dr.A.Catherin Jayanthy
President N. Subasini
Secretary P. Anandharaj
Joint Secretary K. Elangovan

  • To acquire data of the department for the IQAC and pruning it as per the requirement of the IQAC.
Coordinator Dr.N.Sasikumar
President P. Lakshmi
Secretary K.Jeyakumari
Joint Secretary AL. Jeyapriya

  • To make the students imbibe writings and doctrines of Swami Vivekhanandha and disseminate to the society.
  • To propagate the thoughts of vivekhanandha to the society.
Coordinator Dr.M.Mahendraprabu
President E.Selvabarathi
Secretary M. Ezhilarasan
Joint Secretary K.Vijayapradeepa

  • To prepare the students to serve the society in the different societal events.
  • To make the students develop the social intelligence and to be ready for work to the society.
Coordinator Dr.K.Govindarajan
President A. Jeya
Secretary A. Nancy
Joint Secretary R.Ilakkiya
Students Placement details (2011-16)
Sl.No. Student's Name Period of Study Contact No. Name of the Organisation/ Institution Position
M.Ed. 2011-2012
1 ARIYAKUMAR S 2011-12 9787831421 Co-Operative Society,  Aravamangalam Salesman & Clerk
2 MAHESWARI G 2011-12 9597474886 Mahathma Gandhi, College of Education, Cholachery, Thirunelvelli. Asst. Professor
3 NITHYA K 2011-12 9443466060, 9443501912 Alagappa University, AUCPE Junior Assistant
4 REVATHI K 2011-12 9976791264 PUMS, Petthachikudieruppu. Teacher
5 SIVAKUMAR S 2011-12 9344912936, 9790154010 Gvot. School, Pallipalayam. Teacher
6 SORNA SUDHA A 2011-12 9943703652 SRVE Matriculation school, Mannachanallur, Trichy. Teacher
7 VANITHA A 2011-12 9789302208 Govt. Girls Hr.Sec.Sc, Thiruvadanai. Teacher
M.Phil. - 2011-2012
8 AGNI M 2011-12 9524665668 Govt. Hr.Sec.School, Thanjavur. BT Asst.
9 DURAI VELLAISAMY T 2011-12 9750633660 Padmashree College of Education, Thiruppur Asst. Prof.
10 GANAPATHY R 2011-12 9865318848 Govt. of Tamilnadu, Tutorin Asst. Director
11 NIRAIMATHY K 2011-12 9787148793 Achudhananthan High Scool, Viluppuram. BT Asst.
12 RAMESH V 2011-12 9976554005 Sandha College of Education, Cholapuram Asst. Prof.
13 SANTHANAM K 2011-12 9894894548 Avinashi Gounder Mariyamman College of Education, Erode. Asst. Prof.
14 SARASWATHI M 2011-12 9442495693 Chithambaram Vishalakshi Matric School, Burma colony, Karaikudi. Teacher
15 VIGNESWARN S 2011-12 8220744749 JCT Polytechnic College, Coimbatore. Asst. Prof.
16 LENIN I 2011-12 9790060649 Alagappa University, Karaikudi. Asst. Prof.
1 ANNAI RAJA A 2012-13 8508475839 Akshaya Academic, Palani Teacher
2 BANUMATHI K 2012-13 9488522322 Kamala Nikedhan, Trichy. Teacher
3 BHUVANESWARI S 2012-13 9443006755 Muthaiah Alagappa School, Karaikudi. Teacher
4 JASRIN HAZIRA A 2012-13 9443861401 Ruhumania Matric. School, Kamuthi Teacher
5 JAYA GOVINDA RAO S 2012-13 9362127137 Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Melakuvalamkuppam. Teacher
6 NAGARAJ V 2012-13 9786535937 21st International Matric. School, Sivagangai. Teacher
7 PRADEEPA S 2012-13 9865538845 Govt. High School, Periyalur. Teacher
8 SARAVANAN P 2012-13 9942092260 Panchayath Union Primary School,  Palani Teacher
9 SUJITHA S 2012-13 9965999040 KFC Govt. School, Thiruppur. Teacher
10 STEPHEN M 2012-13 8760895785 Govt. High School, Sanaveli Teacher
11 KALYANA SUNDRARAM K 2012-13 9751150615 Govt. School, Salaigrammam. PG Asst.
12 DHOULATH BEGUM   S 2012-13 9047082151 Mound olive Matriculation School, Thirumayam. Teacher
M.Phil. 2012-2013
14 MUTHARASI J 2012-13   IGNOU Study Centre, Bahrain Facilidator
M.Ed. 2013-14
1 BHUVANESWARI  S 2013-14 9688797503 St. Paul's College of Education, Devakottai Asst. Prof.
2 CHITRA  M 2013-14 8940544229 Govt. of Tamilnadu Junior Asst.
3 KOTTAIRAJ   A 2013-14 9843536981 Santha College of Education, Cholapuram. Asst. Prof.
4 PALMURUGAN  S 2013-14 7639633318 Ayyakannu Govt. Hr.Sec. School, Keelanellikottai. Teacher
5 RAJINIKANTH V 2013-14 8098146165 Karpaga Vinayaga College of Education, Kallal Asst. Prof.
6 RAMAKRISHNAN  M 2013-14 9585962015  Supervisior, Karur TASMAC
7 SIMONDASS  I 2013-14 9943845965 MRM Matriculation School, Sivapuram. Teacher
8 KANAGARAJ M 2013-14 8870699509 Ganapathy Chettiar College of Education, Paramakudi Asst. Prof.
9 MUNISWARAN M 2013-14 9786341456 Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Manamadurai. PG Asst.
10 MURUGAN A 2013-14 9944204277 Rajapalayam. Southern Railway
11 PRABU A 2013-14 9787521685 St. Mary's Matriculation School, Nagavayal Teacher
12 SENBAKARAJ   C 2013-14 9865924757 Alagappa University Junior Asst.
M.Phil. 2013-14
13 S.Pradeepa 2013-14 9865538845 Govt. High School, Periyalur. Teacher
M.Ed .2014-15
1 BALASUBRAMANIAN B 2014-15   Govt. Arts College Thiruvadanai (GL) Asst. Prof.
2 GNANAMURUGAN S 2014-15 9843691094 Manamadurai. Teacher
3 RAJESH M 2014-15 9047904980 Alagappa University Evening College, Tondi (GL) Asst. Prof.
4 VALAN ARASI S 2014-15 8825109292 Maharishi Vidya Mandhir Karaikudi Teacher
5 YOGALAKSHMI K 2014-15 9750256697 Kamaraj Higher Sec. School, Aranthangi Teacher
6 KARUPPUCHAMY G 2014-15 9787315504 K.C. Vidyalaya Madurai. Teacher
7 NATARAJAN P 2014-15 9787519257 MCNUPT School, Chinnayapuram Teacher
8 SUDHA M 2014-15 8973486209 Kamaraj Higher Sec. School, Aranthangi Teacher
9 VIMALA B 2014-15 9952847327 Micheal Matriculation School, Sivagangai. Teacher
M.Phil. 2014-15
11 KRISHNAKANTH. G 2014-15   Vatchala Johnson  college of Education, Sivakasi. Asst. Prof.
M.Phil. 2015-16
1 ELAVARASI  A 2015-16 9787637098 Annai Terasa College of Education, Ariyakudi Asst. Prof.
2 MANI  M 2015-16 9025162993 College of Education, Dindugal Asst. Prof.
3 SAKTHI  P 2015-16 9047391184 Raja Hr.Sec.School, Thirunelveli Teacher
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