List of applicants applied for the post of Vice-Chancellor, Alagappa University

Department of Lifelong Learning

The Department of Lifelong Learning has its genesis in the Centre for Adult and continuing Education and Extension, Alagappa University in the year 1988 which carried out extension activities. In 2009-10, the centre was named as Department of Adult and Continuing Education and later as per the directions of the UGC, it has become full-fledged academic department renamed as Department of Lifelong Learning from the academic year 2011-2012 onwards. Further, the department has introduced media, journalism and communication related courses from 2014 onwards.

Vision and Mission:

The lifelong education is cherished goal of education process which pre-supposes media education, research in media, mass communication, and provision of opportunities for youths to continue their education according to their choice and the pace suited to them particularly in the field of media. Undertaking teaching, training and research in tune with functions of the University and also act as nodal agency in the University system for all media production and lifelong learning programmes and provide academic based activities in collaboration with other University departments and colleges.

The Centre offers the following regular Post Graduate, M.Phil and PhD Programmes:

  • Master of Journalism and Mass Communication- MJMC
    Eligibility: A Bachelor's Degree in any discipline
  • M. Phil- Media and Communication
    Eligibility: A Bachelor's Degree in any discipline
  • PhD in Lifelong Education (Full Time/Part Time)

The faculty of Department of Life Long Learning is supervising/guiding PhD in Education (Full Time/Part Time) in Faculty of Education.

Besides, the Department is having a media centre and conducts Carrier Guidance & Counseling and Human Rights Education for school Students, Teachers and Parents as part of the Extension Activities.

This Department also observes the Senior Citizens every year.

This Department is also organizing the Coaching Scheme, Entry into services for the students of SC, ST and Minority from the year 2014-15 onwards under the UGC Scheme.

On going Research Project:

State Planning Commission Government of Tamil Nadu, sanctioned a Research project "A Study on Impact of Adult Education (Saakshar Bharat) Programme in Tamil Nadu" for the year 2015-2016

Contact Details:

Prof.Dr.P.Paul Devanesan
Prof & Head
Department of Lifelong Learning,
Chair Person, School of Education,
Alagappa University,
Karaikudi – 630 003,
Tamil Nadu, India.
Phone No : 04565-225771
E-mail :

S.No Photo Name Designation Profile
1 Dr.P.Paul Devanesan Professor & Head
2 Dr. N. Arunachalam Professor
3 Dr. N. Johnson Assistant Professor
Programmes Offered
  • The Department offers the following Post Graduate, M.Phil and Ph. D Courses.
    • Master of Journalism and Mass Communication (MJMC- Two Years)
    • M.Phil in Media and Communication (One year)
    • Ph. D in Lifelong Learning (Full Time and Part Time)
  • The Department offers credit courses on Fundamentals of Audio-Visual Production for the other departments- Alagappa Institute of Skill Development and Alagappa University College of Physical Education under Faculty of Education, Alagappa University.
  • The faculty of Lifelong Education is also supervising PhD in Education (Full Time/Part Time) under Faculty of Education.
  • The Department will be proposed to conduct PhD in Media and Communication/Journalism (Full Time/Part Time) from 2017 onwards.
MJMC- Master of Journalism and Mass Communication

NAME OF THE PROGRAMME : MJMC- Master of Journalism and Mass Communication

DURATION : II Year (Regular)



Sl.No. Course Code No. Name of the Course No. of Credits Contact Hours
1 515101 Introduction to Journalism & Mass Communication 5 5
2 515102 Evolution of Media 5 5
3 515103 Reporting & Editing 5 5
4 515104 Practical I – Editorial  Practice 4 8
5 515105 Practical II – Computer Fundamentals 4 6
    I   Semester Total Credits 23  
6 515201 Advertising and Public Relations 5 5
7 515202 Audio Production – Theory 5 5
8 515203 Video Production – Theory 5 5
9 515204 Practical III – Audio  Production 4 7
10 515205 Practical IV – Video Production 4 8
    II   Semester Total Credits 23  
11 515301 Graphic Communication 5 5
12 515302 Media Laws and Ethics 5 5
13 515303 Communication Research Methods 5 5
14 515304 Practical V – Specialized Reporting 4 8
15 515305 Internship(One Month) 5  
** COM001 Employability  Enhancement Practices (Extra Credit) 2  
    III   Semester Total Credits 24  
16 515401 Development Communication 5 5
17 515402 New Media Communication 5 5
18 515403 Practical VI – New Media Communication 4 8
19 515999 Project Work / Dissertation 6  
    IV   Semester Total Credits 20  
M.Phil (Media and Communication)

NAME OF THE PROGRAMME : M.Phil (Media and Communication)

DURATION : I Year (Regular)


Candidates shall be admitted to the M. Phil in Media and Communication with Post Graduate degree of M.A/ M.J.M.C / Journalism, Mass Communication, Media Sciences, Media Studies, E-Media Communications, Visual communication, Electronic Media and Communication/ Other related Post Graduate degree




Course code Name of the Programme Inst
Hours per Week
Marks Total Credit
Viva Voce
516101 Research Inquiry and Methods 6 3 25 75 - 100 6
516102 Pedagogy of Media Communication 6 3 25 75 - 100 6
516103 Professional Competence 6 3 - 75 25 100 6
   Total           18


Course code Name of the Programme Inst
Hours per Week
Marks Total Credit
Viva Voce
516201 Area of Specialization:
Print Media/Electronic Media
6 3 25 75 - 100 6
516999 Dissertation & Viva Voce 3 - 75 75 50 200 12
   Total           18
Fee Structure
Master of Journalism and Mass Communication (MJMC)
Programme Fees (Rs.)
Tuition Fee 1500
Computer lab 1500
Special Fee 1000
Other Fees 1000
First year Total Fee 5000
Second Year Total Fee 4000


M. Phil ( Media and Communication)
Programme Fees (Rs.)
Tuition Fee 4000
Special Fee 2000
Lab Fee -
Other Fee 1000
Total 7000

Fee concession for BC/MBC – DNC /SC/ ST/ PH/ Merit Scholarships

Hostel Facilities available separately for Men and Women

  • Smart Class Room
  • Internet with Wi-Fi Connection
  • Media Lab with all facilities for Audio/ Video Productions &Editing
  • E-Studio
  • Computer Lab
  • Meeting Hall with LCD Projector
  • 5.2 Resolution Screening Auditorium
  • Well Equipped Library
Principal Investigator Period From Period To Funding Agency Title of the Project Amount
 (Rs lakhs)
Dr. N. Arunachalam Sep-2015  Aug 2016 State Planning Commission, Govt. of Tamil Nadu Impact of Adult Education (Saakshar Bharath) Programme in Tamil Nadu 9.70
Dr. R. Rajan
Sep-2015  Aug 2016 State Planning Commission, Govt. of Tamil Nadu Impact of Adult Education (Saakshar Bharath) Programme in Tamil Nadu 9.70
Dr. N. Johnson 2015 2016 AURF A Study on Emotional Intelligence of Teacher Educators 0.40
Dr. N. Johnson
2015 2017 ICSSR,
New Delhi
Effectiveness of Video games on pro-social behavior and problem solving ability of primary students 9.00
Details of Ph.D Guided in the Dept/Centre/College during the Last 5years. (2011-12 to 2015-16 in Chronological Order)
Sl. No Name of the Supervisor Name of the Research Scholar Status Brief title of the Ph.D Dissertation
1 Dr. N. Arunachalam R.T.R. Murugesan Ongoing Effectiveness of Positive Behaviour Therapy for Managing stress and Enhancement of Academic Achievement of Higher Secondary Students
2 Dr. N. Arunachalam M. Neethi Perumal Ongoing Effectiveness of self instructional Modules for B.Ed Teacher Trainees to Enhance Rational Reflective Thinking of Dr. Radha Krishnan
3 Dr. N. Arunachalam K. Gopinath Ongoing Developing Soft and Life Skills for B.Ed Teacher Trainees to Enhance Teaching Competencies and Academic Performance in Commerce.
4 Dr. N. Arunachalam V. RajaGopal Ongoing Anxiety and Stress of Teachers in Relation To Teaching at Upper Primary Level in CBSE Schools.
5 Dr. N. Arunachalam KM. Chockalingam Ongoing Developing Remedial Prgoramme for Secondary to students to overcome learning Disabilities in relations to performance of Science
6. Dr. N. Arunachalam P. Jawahar Ongoing Co-Morbidity of conduct Disorders and Learning Disabilities of Upper Primary Children in Relation to Academic Performance.
7. Dr. N. Arunachalam A. Seemaichamy On going Performance in Mathematics in Relation to Emotional Intelligence and Problem Solving Ability of Secondary School Students
8. Dr. N. Arunachalam R. Selvanathan Ongoing Effectiveness of Remedial Programme in minimizing dyscalculia and enhancing academic Performance of Upper Primary Students
9. Dr. N. Arunachalam K.Umarani Submitted Leadership Behavior and Teaching Competencies of Principals of College of Education in Tamil Nadu
10. Dr. R. Rajan Merlin Rajanayakam Ongoing Developing Remedial Programme for B.Ed Teacher Trainees to Overcome communication Disorder in English
11. Dr. N. Johnson Manjula Mahadevan Ongoing Development of Life skill training module in enhancing Teaching Competency at Primary level.
12. Dr. N. Johnson R. Ilamurugan Ongoing Knowledge, Attitude and Utility of ICT among Pre-service teachers.
13. Dr. N. Johnson D. Kasi Ongoing Effect of Blended Pedagogical model to enhance mathematical skills of Pre-service teachers.
14. Dr. N. Johnson P. Nagajothi Ongoing Effect of Self regulatory training module to enhance the mathematical problem solving ability of Pre-service teachers.
15. Dr. N. Johnson V. Karuppudurai Ongoing Influence of  Adjustment Pattern and Self esteem of Pre-service teachers in relation to academic stress
16. Dr. N. Johnson N. Subathra Ongoing Influence of Emotional Intelligence and Self esteem on teacher effectiveness of Pre-service teachers
17. Dr. N. Johnson V. Saravanan Ongoing Effectiveness of active learning methods in teaching chemistry for enhancing the learning of students of IX standard level.
S.No Students Name CoursePeriod of study Address Contact Number
1. V. Anitha MJMC
D/o S. Varatharajan
1/282 Mela Street, Villvanam Padugai
Alivalam Post
Thiruvarur District
Thiruvarur - 610 106
2. N. Kanimozhi MJMC
D/o Nagarajan
Pudhuvayal Road
Mithravayal Po
Sivagangai 630108
3. R. Muthukumar MJMC 2014-2016 M/o Shanthi
2/74, Velankudi Main Road
Keelapadukai Po
Thiruvarur Tk
4. M. Ramya MJMC 2014-2016 D/o Murugaian
2/26 Velukudi Road Street
Velukudi Po
Needamangalam Tk
Thiruvarur Dt- 610 102
5. J. Vaishnavi MJMC 2014-2016 D/o Jeyarama Krishnan
Baby Talkies Road
Seera Road
Thiruvar – 610 001
6. P. Sellappa MJMC 2014-2016 S/O Paneer Selvam
1/37 Jeeva Nagar
Kurapulam Via
Nagaludaiyan Po
Vedharanyam Tk
Nagapattinam 614 808
7. M. Vijayaraj MJMC 2014-16 S/o Muniyasamy
2/38 Rs Madai Po
Ramanathapuram  623 504

The Department has networking with the following organizations.

Lifelong Learning:
  • Directorate of Adult Education, Government of India, New Delhi.
  • Tamil Nadu State Planning Commission, Government of Tamil Nadu, Chennai.
  • Directorate of Adult Education and Non formal Education, Government of Tamil Nadu, Chennai.
  • State Council for Educational Research and Training (SCERT),Chennai
  • State Resource Centre, Chennai
Media and Journalism:
  • All India Radio, Kodai FM 100.5, Kodaikanal
  • Hello FM, Madurai
Television Channels
  • Raj TV
  • Vijay TV
  • Puthiya Thalaimurai
  • Vendar TV
  • Lotus News Channel
Print Media
  • The Hindu (Tamil), Trichy
  • Dinamani, Madurai
  • Dinaboomi, Trichy
  • L.V Prasad Studio, Chennai

The Department of Lifelong Learning has established with wide network with various Media Agencies – Electronic Media Organizations including All India Radio, Television and all Private channels like Raj TV, Vijay TV, Puthiya Thalaimurai, Vendar TV, Lotus News Channel and Print Media Agencies like The Hindu, Dinamani, Dinaboomi News Papers and also with L.V Prasad studio, Chennai.

Out of seven students passed out during the 2015-16, five students moved to Higher Education, they joined in M. Phil in Media and Communication offered by our Department. The remaining two students are placed as News Reporter in Daily News Paper and Production Assistant in Local Channel Network.

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