Department of International Business

A Nuanced ‘Home’ of learning with own ‘Niche-Touches’


1st June 2016, the start of the Academic Year 2016-17 a new era in the annals of the Department of International Business just got begun. After nearly two decades of coherent joint feat, the two streams of studies, Commerce and International Business, well cocooned to excellence by the integrated Department, International Business and Commerce, have been given destinies to chalk out independent functional mapping to strive for continued magnificence in their respective domains.

Brief Past:

The Department of International Business and Commerce was established in 1996-97, renaming its predecessor, then existing Department of Commerce, as the latter (one of the four founding Departments of the University established in 1985) pioneered in South India offering academic programs in the emerging discipline, International Business, from 1995-96, in addition to the traditional treat, the Commerce, in tune with the Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization (LPG) policy drive of the Government of India introduced in 1991.

Unique 2-in-1:

The Department of International Business and Commerce offered programs, Post Graduate, Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy, in both Commerce and International Business streams, thus making itself unique, a ‘two-in-one’ triumph.

Nomenclature Nuances:

The PG program in International Business was initially named as Master of International Business Administration (MIBA) and subsequently under the UGC’s initiative of ‘standardization of program nomenclature’; the program was re-named MBA (International Business).

K-S-A to Es:

The goal is preparing outstanding graduates with attributes of strong Knowledge Advances, widespread Skill Acumen and right Attitudinal Agility leading to Executive/Employee Positions in reputed business houses including great MNCs, Erudite Placements in notable institutions of higher learning, Entrepreneurial Pursuits in emerging business fields, besides covetable ranks in the Government jobs.

Administrative Admirations/Ascendances:

The Contribution of the Department to the administrative ascendance of the University is unique with its faculty members spectacular services holding positions of Deanships (Five), Special Officer, Director, DDE Director, CoEs, IQAC Coordinator (8plus years), besides memberships in Syndicate, Senate, SCAA, Convener of NAAC SSR ( 2nd & 3rd Cycles).

Finer Focus:

The new Department of International Business now has a thrust finer focus on international business arena, an expanding and enviable realm in the globalized world.

Vision for the new Department:

The vision is to create a reservoir of competent human resources most needed by the globalizing world of business, trained in global investment, trade, technology, marketing, legal framework, etc for Junior and Mid-level executive positions.

Objectives of the Department are to provide:
  • Further Enriched Quality Curricula in International Business with New Global Niches and Nuances through a Mix of Appropriate Pedagogical Avenues.
  • A Platform for Multi-skilling with life-skilling components included, to the Students with a maximum of hands-on, ICT based and media-tinged opportunities.
  • Opportunities for Research on the challenging aspects of global business relating with the multilateral systems, legal-polico-cultural system, tech-eco-system & the like.
  • A Commitment for Project Culture coupled with Quality Research Outcome – publications, collaborations, networking relationships, exchanges, global research groups and the like.
  • Continued Support to the University in all its administrative and development endeavours to keep the Brand of the Alagappa University atop forever.
S.No Photo Name Designation Profile
1 Dr. A.Muthusamy Professor and Head
2 Dr.S. Prasad Assistant Professor
3 K. Chitradevi Assistant Professor
4 Dr. S.Gopalsamy Assistant Professor
Programmes Offered
  • MBA (International Business)
  • M. Phil (International Business)
  • Ph.D. (International Business)
    Sl. No. Name of the Programmes Action
    1 M.B.A., International Business
Fee Structure

Most affordable fee structure to all aspirants.

  • Fee concessions exist
  • Fee subventions exist
  • Fee Adjustment against Scholarship/Education Loan adopted in deserving cases
  • Prospectus details the fee structure.
MBA (IB) Rs. M.Phil(IB) Rs.
Tuition fee including Guest Lecture fee 8000 Tuition Fee 4000
Computer Lab Fee 1000 Special Fee 2000
Special Fee 2000 Other Fee 1000
Other Fees 1000 Total 7000
Special Lecture and Industrial Visit/Camp 1000 Tuition Fee 4000
Total 13000    

Fine-ware, Soft-ware and Physical-ware to facilitate learning of superior class, and experience.

The Fine-ware: The Student-centric approaches of the Department got evidenced in its tryst with new experiential pedagogical platforms like: ‘Remedial Learning x Bridge Learning x Special Learning’ leading to Total Learning Experience (TLE), Vocabulary Variety & Velocity by ‘Palm Pick’ > ‘Column Catch’ > ‘Page Probe’, Grammatical Gears & Glows and Quantics Quality & Quest to Contemporary Contours & Contents, to Multi-skill Might & Mapping, IoT-IoE-IoA (Internet of TEA), Core + NALA, and so on.

The Soft-ware: With Wi-Fi, Internet, Smart Board, NPTEL, Amirta v-lab, OCRs, SWAYAM, e-Books, e-journals/magazines, e-data-bases, adherence to ‘Internet of TEA’ platform, and the like, the teaching-learning combine has become e-enriched and yet in sync with traditional delights.

The Physical-ware: We have enough! E-enabled Class rooms, Faculty-wide Library/Comport Centre at arm’s length distance, Video-conferencing venues, Auditoria and all. The green-bloom-gardenia, stark-solid vehicle-park, net-surf-hut and the like make the splendid setting coupled with opulent sit- slant- stone-soba.


Strong commitment to quality, in-depth, emergent and focused research culture is exhibited.

  • M.Phil and Ph.D Programs are offered. The Department is particular that the research topics must be truly international by geo-coverage or issue-explored or institution-involved.
  • The research outcome of the Department got exhibited in the particularly relevant and emerging fields of research like ICT industry, EX-IM domain, Global Investment (FDI/FPI/FII/NRII) contours, Bourse Paradigms and the like.
  • The research culture has led to recognition by intellect culminating in the form of awards to 4 long-time faculty members by external agencies including the State Government & Educational, Non-Governmental and Knowledge-society institutions.
  • Publications of the Faculty are in peer reviewed business studies journals, reputed business magazines, business newspapers of high caliber like the ET, BL, EF, etc.
  • Publications in Conference Proceedings are increasing now.
Alumni Voices
Balakrishna Shankar

I am Balakrishna Shankar, B.E., MIBA, a student of MIBA Program 1995-97, the First Batch of MIBA. I have done my Bachelors In Engineering from Annamalai University. Presently, I am working as Branch Director of 20:20 MSL, Chennai. 20:20 MSL, is part of the Publicis Groupe and is Asia’s largest Communication Industry. In 1995, when I received my admission letter, I was overwhelmed by the fact that we were the first batch of students to the newly started course on International Business.

With economy opening up to the global market, we were quite exited about the offers that we would get once we complete the course.

We had great inspiration in Dr. M.A. Arulandam, professor who was focused on discipline, Dr. M. Selvam, whom we always feared; we used to call him as Prof of Numbers (I am still a long way from accountancy and numbers). Prof. TR.Gurumoothy, the WTO expert and Prof. P. Natarajan, (now in Pondichery Central University) inspired us to be a good presenter. They were also instrumental in making us read the newspaper daily. Other than the updated course content that we had which was similar to Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, we had lot of industry experts addressing us and the industrial tour arranged by the college, gave us the required exposure.

As President of MIBA student wing, I also had opportunity to organize multiple seminars, which helped us to emerge as a complete professional. I would like to thank the university and all my professors for making us what we are today; I would also like to mention that almost 90 % of our batch students are all well settled in their career and we are competing with the IIFT students in the market.

Jeyanth Thomas

When I, P. Jeyanth Thomas, think about ALU, the first thing that comes to my mind is the dedicated professors & lecturers. They were our guardians, taking special care for each one of us. The curriculum was well designed which matched perfectly to the Industry’s needs. The next thing I appreciate at ALU is the infrastructure, especially for sports and games. We had a wonderful time playing various games which actually moulded us to be good team players in the corporate world too. We cherished the two years at hostel too. We were given enough space and freedom which helped us to develop from adolescent stage to young adults ready to face challenges in life.

MBA (International Business) at Alagappa University was a God given opportunity for me to develop life skills which later paved the way for entering and establishing a fulfilling career in Shipping Industry. I appreciate ALU for being in touch with us even after passing out through Alumni programs. ALU also gave me an opportunity to be in the Board of Studies which I count as a great honour which I do not deserve. May the choice blessing of Lord Jesus Christ be upon all our professors, lecturers, staff (both teaching and non-teaching) and their family.

With profound regards,
P. Jeyanth Thomas, ( 96 - 98 MBA International Business ),
General Manager, Chakiat Agencies Pvt Ltd, Tuticorin.

Ramkumar Mariappan

Ramkumar Mariappan, Program Manager, Tech Mahindra, Bangalore
Master of International Business Administration 1998-2000 Batch

The older I get, the more I realize that our stay at Alagappa University was a critical factor to hop on to industry role with ease as a whole and to make sure that over the coming years we become a positive contributor to the society.  Alagappa University has been an important part of my life and part of my identity.

My learning on international trade and logistics business came from comradeship with our faculty team. I am impressed by the spirit, openness and drive for excellence from all members. They often challenge us but also be there as a coach. Our faculty team directly and indirectly inspire everyone to grow as a person and as a professional and always willing to go that extra mile not because they must or have to but because they really want to. I am proud and happy to be part of Alagappa University alumni. I wish everyone all the best for the future.


It gives me a great pleasure to say with pride that I am an alumnus of Department of International Business & Commerce Alagappa Institute of Management Alagappa University Karaikudi Tamil Nadu completed my Master of Philosophy (M. Phil) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in the Faculty of Management. Alagappa University is a wonderful temple of knowledge with its motto “Excellence in Action” serving since 1985. Department of International Business of Alagappa University has highly qualified faculties, updated course curriculum, well equipped library, which is not only imparting knowledge on foreign markets but also on Organisations with global footprints.

The university and its various departments offer a fantastic academic environment, seminars, inter disciplinary initiations for overall development of students. I felt extremely lucky to be in an environment that allowed me to conduct research on the topic that interest me the most.My advice to prospective students - Throw yourself at every opportunity that comes your way. If it gets too much, you can always scale back, but those opportunities can make all the difference between getting what you want and having to settle for second best. Once again, I am deeply grateful to all my Gurus, Professors and University staff.

Dr V RAJASHEKER, M Sc, MBA, M.Phil, Ph.D, Manager - Material Department, Gallium Arsenide Enabling Technology Centr, (A unit of SITAR- DRDO), P.O. Vignyana Kancha, Hyderabad-500069, Telangana


ASSOCIATION: Many performing bodies benignly serve and surpass Alagappa International Business Alumni Club (AIBA-C), is our pride ambassador to get us linked to the world of business seamless.  They remain connected to us emotionally (exchanging pleasantries now and then), intellectually (pursuing research through part-time mode),  professionally ( in summer-internship & placement absorption), pecuniary-means (voluntary contributions to Alumni Fund) and all that.The body’s once in a four-year, ‘I’ 2 “I’, ‘Industry- to- Institution’ theme, through ‘Alumni Initiated Development Actions’ (AIDA) of ‘Alagappa International Business Alumni’ (AIBA), i.e., the {AIDA-AIBA}’,  is a great epoch making, ‘happening-event’.

PTM- Parent Teacher Meets

Annual and occasional events of PTM, are an opportunity to see the gleam in the faces of mothers and fathers, sometimes ‘Grandmas’ & ‘Grandpas’, as we seek to get their ‘feels’ of their wards learning-intelligent-emotional quotient. We have a questionnaire, Parent-Guardian Feedback’ that captures their disposition towards ‘Enviable–Eight’ measures covering admission process, Knowledge-knit, Skill-set, Attitude-agility, Job-opportunity, etc.

Student Run Cells/Clubs/Events

There are many Student Run Cells/Clubs at the Department level- DEEP, QUICK, Cultural, Sports, Quiz, Ambience, Library, ICT, OSC, Seminar/Conference, Magazine, NSs/YRC/RRB, Mentor-Mentees, etc. The research scholars used to organize ICT tinged Research Methodological expositions.


A Paradigm Shift has happened. In the initial years of launch of the MIBA/MBA(IB) efforts were taken to brand and place our graduates with many placement initiatives. Now our Alumni Initiated Development Actions (AIDA) make placements almost assured. That is the ‘Paradigm Shift’

The Student-centric approaches of the Department got evidenced in its tryst with new pedagogical platforms like: ‘Remedial Learning x Bridge Learning x Special Learning’ leading to Total Learning Experience (TLE), Vocabulary Variety & Velocity by ‘Palm Pick’ > ‘Column Catch’ > ‘Page Probe’, Grammatical Gears & Glows and Quantics Quality & Quest to Contemporary Contours & Contents, to Multi-skill Might & Mapping, IoT-IoE-IoA (Internet of TEA), Core + NALA, and so on.

These efforts are actually making the learners the well learned, leading to ease of placing the graduates into enviable positions. The role of the Alumni as Ambassadors of the Program and Department/University is enormous. Silently the graduates get placed in businesses including MNCs. In a nut shell the Department and the University groom the graduates, while the Alumni absorb them into industry.

Placement Mix: Out of the 500+ placement sought graduates of the MBA (IB) stream, 100+ are in MNCs, 300+ in EX-IM related units especially Logistics, 70+ are in HEIs and about 20 are in Entrepreneurial ventures with cross–country business dealings as well.

Magazine / Newsletters

We want to be lettered in ‘letter and spirit’.

A ‘Student Magazine’, has got a glowing sprout since Jan 2016.

Cutely communicative! Student Eruditeness in full Exhibit.

Even its name, ‘Business Acuities’, is an ‘Enigmatic Puzzle’ expressing its ‘sharpness/keenness of intellect. But Internet demystifies ‘Things, Everything, Anything- That is ‘Internet of TEA’.

A Faculty Journal, Management Dynamics/Spectrum is jointly brought out since 2009-10. It is peer reviewed. Bi-annual. It’s scholastic. It’s smaller in size! Contents are Contributive.

Photos / Videos