Hostels Fee Structur

Alagappa University Hostels Fee Structure: Year 2017-2018 Onwards

S.No Fee Details Fee(10 Months)Rs.
1 Establishment Charges 5,000
2 Electricity Charges 2,500
3 Room Rent 2,500
4 Caution Deposit (Refundable) 1,300
5 Amenities Charges 2500
6 Admission Fees 200
Total 14000

Note: Research Scholars who wish to continue to stay throughout the year, have to pay additional Rs.1,000/- towards the above except mess fees.

Details of Charges to Be Paid Per Year for Using Electrical Appliances in the Hostel Rooms

S.No Electrical Appliances From 2017-2018 onwards Rs.
1 Iron Box 600
2 Table Fan 500
3 Personal Computer with Printer 1,100

Use of any electrical appliances without paying necessary charges mentioned above will be seized from them

Guest Charges For Hostels (One Day)

S.No Details Guest Charges for Hostels 2017-2018 onwards Rs.
1 Stay 250
2 Break Fast 60
3 Lunch 80
4 Dinner 60
5 Amenities Charges 2500
Total 450

Students / Scholars shall not be allowed to stay at Hostel without availing the Mess facility

It facilitates youth o work as a team and create synergy out of which every youth is to get energized and realize their individual career goal.

Mess Bill Payment:

Mess Bill will be displayed on Notice Board : 10th of every month

Mess Bill Amount remittance : on or before 20th of every month

Penalty for delayed Payment:

Mess Bill remittance between 21st – 25th of every month : Rs.100/-

Mess Bill remittance between 26th – 31st of every month : Rs.200/-